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2020.10.29 18:33 The_T_Train Taioro (fermented almonds, coconuts, shrimp, and salt water)

I am not from Tahiti nor have I ever been there but in some reading I discovered taioro a condiment made by "fermenting almonds, coconuts, salt water, and shrimp". I can only find one recipe in French (https://recettestahitiennes.com/recipe/75-taioro) which doesn't include almonds.
I am wondering if anyone has experience with this item. I want to try it and my plan is to shred everything and make it into a kimchi style ferment. Since I have no idea what it's supposed to be like I'm look for some guidance. Thanks!
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2020.10.29 15:12 _PPBottle This is a HD 7970 vs GTX 580 and we are not realizing it as consumers.

As title says, back then the roles were reversed and AMD was the one coming first with a new architecture, GCN, and Nvidia was still stuck both with Fermi and 40nm process. Because of the massive gains from 28nm, AMD could release a 360mm2 ish GPU, the HD7970, that was 15-20% faster at launch than the GTX 580. AMD knew Nvidia was late to the 28nm party and priced this mid sized die GPU as a enthusiast one ($549), charging 50 more than the GTX 580 which was based of the massive GF110 die because the performance was there.
What did Nvidia? They released Kepler after with the GK104 AKA GTX 680, a mid sized die (around 310mm2) which was both lower power consumption AND a bit better performance wise than Tahiti-HD7970. But they didnt price like a mid sized die would back then ($300-350 bracket), they consolidated the pricing scheme AMD laid out and was $499 at launch, making consumers pay enthusiast prices for mid sized dies, and shifting the whole pricing one tier up, while looking like the "heroes" that brought you a cheaper GPU than AMD that performed better and had better efficiency.
This situation is basically the same but reversed, AMD are coming triumphant that they are the ones with a seemingly more efficient uarch that is able to trade blows with bigger dies than Nvidia's, while at the same time undercutting them on price in 2 out of the 3 fronts their Big Navi is competing with. Problem is, we are still paying $1000 for a top end GPU when a inflation-adjusted GTX 580 would have launched for $600 if it launched today, and we are paying $580 for a xx70 competitor when these xx70 GPUs used to sit in the $330-350 pricing category (GTX 970-1070).
Basically we are yet again falling for what Nvidia and AMD are doing, they are handshaking a new pricing scheme that shafts consumers greatly and we are applauding them while they do it. It's insane how GPU prices have escalated over the years even considering US inflation.
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2020.10.29 13:58 kimchijjiigae Tahiti - Jisoo

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2020.10.29 06:26 HappyEggsHappyChicks Tahiti Village?

Hi Ya'll,
I keep seeing ads and gotten phone calls for a "Free Stay" at Tahiti Village in Vegas.
100%, I know that there is something fishy going on, but can't put my finger on what. Anyone have any experience with these guys? What exactly is a nature of the scam?
Is it just that the "Free Trip" ends up being a high pressure sales pitch, or something more insidious?
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2020.10.28 19:38 toutfilm Kim Kardashian : son escapade luxueuse à Tahiti choque en pleine pandémie En pleine pandémie mondiale, Kim Kardas... #choqué #escapade #kardashian #kim #luxueuse #pandémie #pleine #son #tahiti

Kim Kardashian : son escapade luxueuse à Tahiti choque en pleine pandémie En pleine pandémie mondiale, Kim Kardas... #choqué #escapade #kardashian #kim #luxueuse #pandémie #pleine #son #tahiti submitted by toutfilm to u/toutfilm [link] [comments]

2020.10.28 15:44 Saif_Abugharbieh Dutch and his girlfriend Micel in Tahiti

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2020.10.28 15:43 Saif_Abugharbieh Dutch in Tahiti

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2020.10.28 14:02 toutfilm Kim Kardashian vivement critiquée pour une escapade tropicale à Tahiti à l'occasion de ses 40 ans ... #ans #critiquée #escapade #kardashian #kim #loccasion #pour #ses #tahiti #tropicale #une #vivement

Kim Kardashian vivement critiquée pour une escapade tropicale à Tahiti à l'occasion de ses 40 ans ... #ans #critiquée #escapade #kardashian #kim #loccasion #pour #ses #tahiti #tropicale #une #vivement submitted by toutfilm to u/toutfilm [link] [comments]

2020.10.28 07:54 Pbd33 Risque cyclonique jugé faible pour cette saison des pluies / cyclone risk estimated low for this rainy season

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2020.10.27 21:10 KanyeWestaurant__ Kanye & Kourtney in Tahiti recently for Kim’s 40th bday

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2020.10.27 17:59 FormalSmoke Kim Kardashian Broke CA’s Non-Essential Travel Ban for 40th Birthday Vacation in Tahiti

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2020.10.27 13:24 myhuskyhasherpes long rdr2 script

you got some extra miles on you tonight
you think i dont see the way you're looking at me
shivering like a shitting dog
ill have your eyes first
gay boy
ah shit
where are you going pretty lady
this is my country
im in a tree
arthur you falling alseep in here
what the hell
sorry mister
watch out
can i get a hot bath please
-robotic talking-
well i figured this much
-bear roaring-
funny and handsome
woo hoo
my god
-more bear roaring and screaming-
for christ sake
are you taking me back
oh my god hes massive
-zombies start pouring out-
dont let that big bastard get best of you arthur
we gotta get the hell outta here
-machine gun firing-
hurry up arthur
-screaming and explosions-
what the hell
broke the damn game
come on
we are getting the fuck outta here
this way we gotta go
-wind whooshing-
uh i dont think this is working
come on
this is all you got
we we are gonna sail to tahiti
were leaving the country now mangos ladies paradise what uhhhhhh
-thunder crackles-
we are ALL DEAD
-giant man appears
this is the last time i
uh stay outta saint denis
god dammit
you wanna come fishing with me
you're uh its about time that you started to earn your keep
lets go then go catch us some fish
hehe yeah
look what you've done Arthur you've found the Irish terrier
alright this look as good spot as any
ima use some cheese
-dies epicly on a cliffhanger-
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2020.10.27 04:43 AutoNewspaperAdmin [World] - Covid 19 coronavirus: Tahiti pandemic death toll now 26, with cases over 6400 NZ Herald

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2020.10.27 04:31 AutoNewsAdmin [World] - Covid 19 coronavirus: Tahiti pandemic death toll now 26, with cases over 6400

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2020.10.26 20:14 chimpdudet I want to know how to find out how to locate/context wholesale companies for overseas shipping.

I’ll be moving to Tahiti and I want to find a company in the US where I can buy to-go boxes and containers that will ship large quantities overseas but I don’t know the best way to get directly to the source. I’m sorry if this is stupid but any help or direction would be very appreciated.
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2020.10.26 08:13 grilledcheeseyum [SELL] MAKE AN OFFER! Aerin, Carven, Estee Lauder, Gucci, Givenchy, Kate Walsh Boyfriend, Ouai, Commodity, Versace, TOCCA, Malia B, Illume, APOTHIA, Sarah Horowitz, Atelier, lots of samples!

Lots of gently used and new items looking for a good home! Please ask if you're unsure about usage. I try to list usage for everything, including new items.
Minimum $5 purchase please. Shipping will be $3-$6 depending on the numbeweight of the items you're interested in. Please let me know your address so I can get an estimate. Primarily selling but open to swaps for high end products. Sales will take precedence over swaps.
Check out makeup I also have for sale here, skincare here, and nail things here!
If you decide to pass after commenting, please let me know ASAP so the item can move on to someone else!
Rollerballs/Deluxe Size/Full Size
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2020.10.25 23:35 time_circuits_on [SPOILERS] I think I finally understand Red Dead Redemption 2...

*** SPOILERS ***
I think I finally get it.
In a lot of RDR2 commentaries online, I find that a lot of people's main gripes with the game is it's pacing. How it feels as if it is drawn out and tedious (e.g. making your own elixirs, manually skinning animals, etc). In the past, I would try and justify this by claiming it's not THAT slow, but nowadays, I have learned to appreciate this in a different light.

In the age of speed runs and trying to get to the end as soon as possible, we really miss the true value of video games. If you are in a hurry to complete a game, are you truly enjoying it? Sure, I am not saying that speed runs aren't impressive and can be fun in their own right, but I remember wanting to progress the story quickly during my first play though...
Needless to say, I truly do regret rushing through it. I felt genuine grief when Arthur died. When I found out he had TB, I went through the stages of grief. (Denial, Anger, etc). It wasn't until it was too late that I realized that I spent most of Arthur's time just trying to chase Tahiti, rather than taking the time to really appreciate the gorgeous landscapes or the thriving communities.

Life is too short, friends. Goals and achievements in life are important. Don't take your eye completely off the ball, but don't forget to stop and smell the roses every once and a while. You never know when your time is due.
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2020.10.25 21:50 sarahmcgee Reintroduction questions!

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered but I need some guidance. Me and my boyfriend are going to Tahiti at the end of the year and I want to be done with my elimination phase by then or as close as possible.
For those who have done it & finished: How long did it take? Did you always wait the 72 hours in between different foods or did you just know sometimes? Do I just eat the 2 1/2 table spoons of ricotta cheese, or did you try to make a recipe out of it? What do I need to know that you wish you knew prior? Are there any pills you took that you swear by now? (I have IB guard and a probiotic already)
Wish me luck!
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2020.10.25 21:19 pokingdevice TAHITI

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2020.10.24 20:00 dako44 Looking for good weather wave albums.

Drop below please! I own most of alternate skies music, so weather wave besides those lol.
Also looking for island wave music, similar to 10mbps by Tahiti Intranet. One of my favorite island wave albums.
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2020.10.24 18:26 Shack-Kill_Oatmeal Thoughts on classes or teachers

I am taking all my class online next semester and was wondering if anyone could tell me about the work load of these class and how are these teachers.
-MSE200: Mechanical Properties of Structural Materials with Aram Amassian
-ST371: Introduction to Probability and Distribution Theory with Paul Savariappan
-ECE331: Principles to Electrical Engineering with Laura Bottomley or Ginger Yu (which one would you recommend)
Should I take MA303 or MA341 as my last math:
-MA303: Linear Analysis with Hoon Hong -MA341: Applied Differential Equations 1 (need recommendations for a teacher)
How to online Physical Education classes work and do you recommend taking it now or wait until covid is over.
Thanks for everything
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2020.10.24 08:21 FakeBonaparte How many MILs is enough / too many?

If you build enough MILs, eventually you run out of resources. E.g. right now it’s 1939 and I’m importing the entire chromium exports of Tahiti, Yugoslavia, South Africa and the Soviet Union and it’s still not enough to feed the prodigious appetites of my heavy tank factories. I’m not far off doing the same to the rubber supplies of British Malaya and the Dutch East Indies.
Once the war starts I’m going to have to act quickly to secure new sources (looking at you Portugal and Turkey) and diversify into medium tanks and artillery. But even that won’t be enough, and I suspect some of my MILs will lie dormant.
How many MILs is enough? At what point have I built too many, such that I’m quite likely to have 50 or 100 or 200 MILs sitting around, being starved of resources?
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