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Moving to Sacramento, good places to live??

2020.10.27 19:02 lolwatisthisthrow Moving to Sacramento, good places to live??

Hey Sac town!
Recent events have myself and my partner working from home so we're moving from out of town from a small studio apartment and looking to purchase a home for around ~600k in a nice neighborhood. We are big Giants fans so having a spot next to sporting events would be a big plus. Finally we both prefer to walk instead of drive.
We are looking at both east Sacramento and midtown right now. The plan is to purchase a house then rent it out as soon as we can. This is something we have been planning to do for awhile but haven't had the spending power in our current city.
Any suggestions would be very welcome! Thank you
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2020.10.27 12:03 remote-enthusiast Collection of 47 remote jobs published recently

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.27 05:34 meerkatherine Thinking of moving to Sacramento whats the best neighborhood/area?

I'm moving with my partner and possible roomate and looking for a house. I live in the bay area already, but I've not visited this city much, though my partner loves visiting for entertainment events (when we're not in quarantine of course). I wanna move to a safe neighborhood, ideally in walking distance of basic necessities like grocery stores as I hate to drive. It'd be lovely to be in walking distance to entertainment but thats not a huge deal as uber exists and I Can drive if necessary. Near punlic transport would be a plus! We don't have kids. I'm LGBTQ so ideally somewhere where that would be accepted well! Near a community College would be nice too.( I'm also interested in how the community College scene is in Sacramento?)
I dont expect to find a perfect place but some input would be very welcome! Please and thank you in advance!!
Edit: my bad bart doesn't go out there, I was just thinking of general public transport
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2020.10.26 04:17 olilao Safety measures to take for someone new in town

Hi everyone! My partner and I are healthcare workers and are very excited to be moving to the Sac area in the next few days. Considering all of the wildfires and environmental conditions that we don’t experience in the Midwest, I was wondering if you could recommend what sort of safety plans/safety equipment you all recommend to implement during these widespread power outages and wildfires.
Also if any dog owners have tips for how they keep their pups safe during this time because ours is coming to the Sacramento area as well!
Thanks for your help 🙂
Edit: I’m in an area serviced by PG&E
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2020.10.25 14:12 Sacramentogamers916 Gamer Couple Looking To Expand Our Family

We are gaymers from Sacramento We are ready to expand our family and welcome in new partners Just really hard to find men who are wanting a commitment vs. Hookup
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2020.10.23 04:29 glassySun [California] says 350,000 debit cards for unemployment benefits frozen over fraud fears

SACRAMENTO — Faced with a deluge of fraudulent unemployment claims, California officials said Thursday that 350,000 of the debit cards they issued containing benefits have been frozen because of suspicious activity, including a high number of claims at a single address. The debit cards frozen by the state Employment Development Department and Bank of America could represent billions of dollars in benefits paid out since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March.
“The Department’s top priority is to quickly verify the identity of any claimants in this group that may have been impacted by scammer attacks, while we work to shut down the potentially fraudulent claims,” the agency said in a statement Thursday.
The scope of the potential fraud has alarmed some state officials. But Assemblyman David Chiu (D-San Francisco) said he is also concerned that people in desperate need of unemployment benefits are also seeing their valid claims held up.
“Our offices have been hearing complaints from constituents with legitimate claims who have had their EDD debit cards frozen as a part of this fraud prevention measure,” Chiu said. “Again, EDD seems unable to address fraud without harming Californians who are depending on them for benefits.”
EDD officials did not respond Thursday to questions about how much money in benefits is affected by the frozen debit cards.
Law enforcement officials who have arrested more than 100 people for unemployment fraud have said the debit cards they seized potentially contained up to $20,000 in benefits each. If that amount was on each of the 350,000 frozen cards, that would represent $7 billion of the $105 billion in benefits paid out by the EDD since the pandemic began.
The EDD said it is sending notices to claimants whose debit cards have been frozen asking them to provide identity verification documents through the agency’s website.
Claimants who don’t verify their identity will be disqualified from receiving benefits.
People who have not been notified by EDD but still can’t access their funds may have had their cards frozen by Bank of America, the issuer of the cards, “because of a suspected transaction,” and they should contact the bank, the agency said. A spokeswoman for Bank of America declined comment.
The agency said its investigators “are busy working with national, state, and local partners to expose, identify, and prosecute offenders to the fullest extent of the law.”
Assemblyman Jim Patterson (R-Fresno) said one of his constituents is a homeless mother of three young girls who has spent weeks trying to verify her identity on her legitimate claim for unemployment benefits.
“The EDD still doesn’t know the difference between scammers and those in desperate need — like the 30 clients at a halfway home in my district who all had their cards shut off,” Patterson said.
Meanwhile, the EDD has also faced criticism that people calling in to three separate agency call centers have not been able to reach a service representative or get help with stalled claims.
In response, the agency said that starting Friday it is combining its three call centers into one available between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., seven days a week.
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2020.10.19 22:39 darthKOTOR Looking for guidance on buying a house in CA.

Hey. I am a new government employee and am trying to buy a house in Sacramento, CA. COVID has really screwed me here, I moved away for work a year ago, and back then I could find reasonable homes under 350k, but coming back only the bottom of the barrel are available in that range.
Half of my intent of this post to to seek guidance on how best to navigate the next year or two, and the other half is just to express my deep frustration with this whole process. It seems like no matter how much work and success I achieve the market just expands out of my reach. When I first moved out back in 2012 I could rent a really nice apartment in my area for 750, and now they are double that. But... on with the constructive bit.
Essentials Cost
Internet $0
groceries $500
utilities $300
car $0
Home DIY $100
Benefits (Ins, Retire.) $350
phone $50
Mortgage (+tax, +insurance) $1,200
Savings $200 Savings
401k $235 Savings (4% match by employer)
Netflix/Amazon $30 Non-Essentials
Home DIY $0 Non-Essentials
Hobbies $0 Non-Essentials
Funny Money $126.00** Non-Essentials
--- ---
Gross Income Net income
$4700 $3300 (after tax)
@which combined is 10% of gross income **The funny money is literally just my net income - all costs, so whatever is left over after bills and savings. Internet and car are covered by employer.
The problem
We have 70k cash to split between down/closing/liquid assets post sale, but even then I am limited to a 270k house, and some months are going to be so tight. And the 1200 mortgage is the 36% debt to income ratio whereas I won't be able to find a house that I can actually squeeze a 1200 dollar mortgage out of in my area.
I have looked into renting a place (we are with family now) but they are being rented for just dumb prices. A 2 bed one bath (I really need a three...) is easily 1600-2000 in my area.
I have thought about trying to shrink the down payment to closer to 5% of my total, and then deal with a higher mortgage (plus PMI), because I have a "guaranteed" raise next year (part of my job requires me to complete training and once I do I am eligible for a raise, and my specific job role in the government is.... very safe). We can use 15k for down, 15k for liquid savings, and 30k to invest and hopefully offset most of the PMI, but then we can access that cash if needed easier than if it was in equity.
I guess... what the hell do I do? Staying with family is not sustainable due to family matters, and my partner is a full time student and full time mom (we have a son).
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2020.10.19 18:01 youto2 It Just Means More - Part One

We slowly fade from black into the live stream, where we see the jam packed venue for tonight’s show, with 1090 WiR fans in attendance cheering, holding up their signs and chanting as we go on air.
Crowd: W-i-R! W-i-R! W-i-R!
The camera cuts and we see Paisner and Woodbridge at the commentary desk, as the crowd continues to be loud.
Paisner: Welcome everyone to the jam packed GSU Sports Arena in Atlanta Georgia, where WiR presents…..IT JUST MEANS MORE! I’m Allen Paisner, joined here by Mark Woodbridge-
Woodbridge: -who’s joined here by Johnnie Walker Black!...
Woodbridge displays his bottle to the camera, as Paisner picks the introduction back up.
Paisner: And these WiR fans are JACKED for what promises to be a great night of action!
Woodbridge: You ain’t kidding! KCJ defends her Independent Title against Tony Stevens, The Stargazers defend the World Tag Belts against The Horde, and we crown the Interim WiR World Champion in a 6 Man Scramble!
Paisner: Not to mention Team BS vs. The Young Cardinals in Tag Team Action, and Austin Balandran vs. Klutch, which has MAJOR implications for the legal future of this company!
Woodbridge: Right! But up first, it’s gonna be a DANDY! Jim Baker vs. Cam’ron West, with a very unique stipulation!
Paisner: It’s gonna be the SOUL ON A POLE match, and it‘ll be a hell of a way to start this thing off! Let's take it down to our ring announcer Javier Babaganoush for the introductions.
We cut to the hard cam, and see Javier Babaganoush in the center of the ring with mic in hand, ready to speak.
Babaganoush: Ladies and Gentlemen, your opening contest is a SOUL ON A POLE MATCH!!!
Babaganoush: In this contest, there are no Pinfalls, No Submissions, No Count-outs and No Disqualifications! The ONLY way to win, is to retrieve the Lunchbox containing the “Soul” of each competitor from the top of the pole!
The camera pans to the large Pole which has been attached to the corner of the ring. At the very top there is a Lunchbox dangling from a small steel chain, the same lunchbox Cam’ron West used to “extract the souls” of each competitor on the recent episode of House Party.
Babaganoush: Your referee for this contest is Mia So Hung!
Mia So Hung steps through the ropes into the ring, and waves out to the audience to a small pop from the crowd.
Paisner: Here we go, It’s Soul on a Pole, and this match is brought to you by, somewhat befittingly, Disney & Pixar’s SOUL, coming to the Disney Plus streaming service on December 25th this year!
Woodbridge: Can’t wait for that one!
Jim Baker’s theme hits the sound system, and the camera erupts in a mix of cheers and boos, but the reception is definitely mostly positive. Baker himself steps through the curtains, wearing a Horde Jacket, and his usual black trunks and boots. Baker shadowboxes and the top of the entrance stage, before walking down the aisle, stretching his arms out as he does so, warming himself up as he walks.
Babaganoush: Introducing first, representing The Horde, from Cincinnati, Ohio, weighing in at 245 pounds…………..JIM…..BAAAKKKEEER!!!!
Jim Baker rolls himself into the ring, and continues to stretch, knowing that he’s gotta stay in decent shape, considering this is his first of 2 matches tonight.
Paisner: And here comes Jim Baker of The Horde, and this won’t be his only rodeo tonight. First he has this match with West, and later on tonight he’ll be challenging for the Tag Titles!
Woodbridge: And you gotta wonder how that’s gonna play into this one. Is Baker looking to the Horizon and not in front of his face? We know he wants to bring the World Tag Titles to The Horde, but he’s gotta stay 100 percent focused on Cam’ron here, and worry about the Tag Match later.
Paisner” But one thing is for sure; win or lose, the faster Baker can get through Cam’ron here, the better it is for his chances at winning the World Tag Titles tonight.
Baker looks ready to go, and his music fades away. We soon hear none other than the Anime intro-like theme of Cam’ron West, as West steps through the curtains to a pop from the crowd!
Cam’ron stands at the top of the stage, with very minimalist pyro going off, before walking down the aisle and towards the ring.
Babaganoush: And his opponent, from Another World, weighing in at 180 Pounds……..CAM’RON…….WEEEESSSTTTT!!!
Paisner: Cam’ron West is a bit of an oddball, but he’s no doubt got heart, and the fans respect him for it.
Woodbridge: He’s not only got heart, but he’s got a set on him too! He burned Jim Baker’s park bench to ashes, for god's sakes! I heard around the grapevine that he basically lived on that thing for a year!
Paisner: The rivalry between these two has escalated at a lightning fast rate these last few weeks, but now, at It Just Means More, someone’s ‘Soul’ will be claimed in this match!!!
Cam’ron hops up to the apron, and steps through the ropes into the ring. He doesn’t take his eyes off Baker, and Baker’s eyes are firmly locked on West as well. Cam’ron’s music fades away, and the two are left in their opposite corners, as the referee, Mia So Hung, checks to see if each competitor is ready.
Woodbridge: In a match like this, no DQ, no Count Outs, no submission or pinfall to record, Mia’s basically just out here to check on the general well being of the competitors, and that MAY very well be a good idea with these two heated rivals.
Mia sees that both competitors are ready, and calls for the opening bell!
Cam’ron and Baker immediately meet in the middle of the ring, and start throwing wild right hands at each other, trading blows back and forth!
Paisner: And here we go, this one’s starting off HOT!
Baker and Cam’ron continue to trade shots, back and forth, but after a bit it appears as if Cam’ron gets the upper hand. Baker appears to be much groggier than Cam’ron. Cam’ron throws another shot at Baker, but this time Baker doesn’t follow up, and Cam’ron hits him with another, and another, and another! Baker stands on wobbly legs in the middle of the ring, and Cam’ron takes a couple of steps back, winding up his arm before lunging at Baker with a big punch, but Baker blocks it, and catches Cam’ron with a punch of his own! Now Baker starts hitting West with a flurry of right hands, and backs Cam’ron into the ropes! Cameron stands a bit dazed, leaning against the ropes, and Baker turns around to run towards the opposite set of ropes, rebounding off of them and charging at Cam’ron!
Woodbridge: Look at Baker!
Baker dashes towards Cam’ron, and clotheslines him over the top rope and to the floor! With Cam’ron out of the ring, Baker quickly makes a beeline for the Pole, running towards the corner and starting to climb the turnbuckles, quickly trying to reach up at the Lunchbox containing the ‘Souls’!!
Paisner: Baker’s gonna win it right here!!!!
But Cam’ron quickly gets back up to his feet, using the ring apron to help him back up. Cam’ron slides back in the ring, and runs over to the corner, jumping up and hitting Baker in the spine with a forearm shot.
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s not gonna go down without a fight!
Baker continues to try and reach the Lunchbox to pull it down, but Cam’ron grabs Baker by the leg, and pulls him off the top rope! Baker comes down and hits his face on the top turnbuckle, and stands near the corner looking a bit dazed! Cam’ron grabs Baker by the head, and takes him down to the mat with a Snapmare, immediately followed up with an elbow strike to the top of the head!
Baker lays on the mat clutching his head, and Cam’ron gets back up to his feet, and walks over to the corner with the ‘Souls’ on the Pole. Cam’ron starts climbing up the turnbuckles, trying to reach the Lunchbox, but he’s out of reach as he stands on the second rope. Cam’ron looks about ready to climb up to the top rope, but before he does, he turns around to see Baker getting back up to his feet. Cam’ron decides against going for the ‘Soul’ for now, and turns his body around to face Baker as he stands on the second rope. Baker gets back up to a vertical base, and Cam’ron leaps off the second rope to catch him with a dropkick!!
Paisner: And what a dropkick from Cam’ron West!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s not your typical wrestler, but that was a veteran move from him to check on Baker’s status before going all the way up to the top rope.
Baker lays on the mat in pain, as the crowd applauds the athleticism from Cam’ron. Cam’ron gets back up to his feet, and leaps up into the air before coming down onto the prone Baker with a Legdrop! Baker rolls towards the ropes, and rolls out of the ring to the floor. Cam’ron walks over to the ropes, and steps through them onto the apron, dropping onto the floor as well. Cam’ron peels Baker off the floor and up to his feet, and tucks his head, before lifting him up and dropping him with a Snap Suplex to the floor!
Paisner: Snap Suplex to the floor!!!
Baker lays in a heap on the floor, clutching his back, and wincing in pain. Cam’ron doesn’t give him much of a rest though, as he bends down to pick Baker back up off the floor, and once again he grabs a hold of him, dropping him to the floor with another Suplex!
Paisner: Another suplex from Cam’ron to Baker on the floor!
Woodbridge: And Cam’ron can do it again and again and again if he wants to! There’s no risk of getting counted out in this match!
Baker yells in pain now as he lays on the floor, while Cam’ron turns his attention to the apron of the ring. West lifts up the ringskirt, and looks underneath the ring for a potential weapon! After a bit of searching, Cam’ron pulls a TABLE out from underneath the ring!
Paisner: Cam’ron’s got a table! This doesn’t bode well for Baker!
Cam’ron starts undoing the table legs, and setting the table in its upright position at ringside. Cam’ron gets the table completely set up, but as he turns around to check on Baker, he gets caught off guard with a big forearm shot to the face! Baker follows up with another forearm, and another, and another! Baker then grabs Cam’ron by the back of the head, and bashes his face into the set-up Table!
Woodbridge: Baker smacking Cam’ron’s face against that hard wooden table! Cam’ron may have taken a bit too long to get that table set up!
Paisner: Or maybe he didn’t damage Baker enough before trying to set up the table in the first place! Either way, Baker’s back in the driver's seat!
Baker sends Cam’ron back through the ropes and inside the ring and Baker slides in after him. Cam’ron starts trying to get back up to his feet, but Baker hits him with a hard kick to the gut, and follows up by grabbing him, and lifting him over his head and to the mat with a Pumphandle Suplex!
Baker starts making his way over to the corner with the pole, but he hesitates for a moment. He turns around to see Cam’ron trying to push himself up to his feet, and he realizes more work must be done. Baker walks back over to Cam’ron, and grabs him by the head, planting him on the mat with a SPIKE DDT!
Paisner: SPIKE DDT!!! Good lord!
Woodbridge: Baker just drilled him!
Baker gets back up once again, and starts making his way to the corner with the pole once more. Baker starts climbing the turnbuckles again, but as he gets up to the second rope, he hears some rustling behind him. Baker pauses his climb for a moment to turn around, and he sees Cam’ron once again starting to stir, starting to get back up to a vertical base.
Woodbridge: Cam'ron-sama is refusing to stay down!
Paisner: And this seems to be throwing a monkey wrench in Baker’s plans! He’s trying to win this ASAP so he can be fresh for the Tag Title Match later tonight, but Cam’ron is proving to be tougher than he may have expected!
Baker hops off the turnbuckle once again, and makes his way to Cam’ron. Baker pulls Cam’ron up to his feet, and grabs Cam’ron by the back of the head. Baker now has his eyes locked on the table that Cam’ron set up at ringside!
Paisner: Baker’s got eyes on that table!!!
Woodbridge: THIS will keep Cam’ron down!
Baker grabs a hold of the back of Cam’ron’s head, and starts running with him to the ropes!
Woodbridge: He’s gonna send him through!!!
Baker chucks Cam’ron over the top rope, but Cam’ron hangs onto the top rope for dear life, as he stands on the apron in dangerous proximity to the table!
Paisner: Cam’ron hung onto the top rope, and that saved him from going through that table!
Woodbridge: But look at Baker!
Baker bounces off the opposite set of ropes, and starts charging at West, looking to knock him off the table, but Cam’ron gets his feet up, catching Baker on the side of the head with an Enziguiri! Baker takes a few steps back, looking a bit rocked after that kick, and Cam’ron somersaults through the middle rope, before popping up and taking Baker down with a big dropkick!!!!
Paisner: What a move from Cam’ron!
Woodbridge: This may be his opportunity!
Baker scrambles back up to his feet, but he runs right into the arms of Cam’ron, who takes him down to the mat with a BIG BLUE THUNDER BOMB!
Paisner: Blue Thunder Bomb! Blue Thunder Bomb!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s starting to feel it!
Baker looks dazed, laying in a heap on the mat, but he slowly starts to roll onto his stomach, push himself up, and rise back up to a vertical base. Cam’ron stands against the ropes, lying in wait, looking fired up!
Paisner: This crowd’s on their feet!
Baker, with a look of pain on his face, makes his way up to his feet, and Cam’ron lunges with full force towards Baker………………. taking him down with a big RUNNING LARIAT!
Woodbridge: THE WEST-ERN LARIAT!!!
Instinctually, Cam’ron goes for the cover, hooking the leg, but Mia reminds Cam that the match cannot be won by pinfall!
Paisner: But Pinfalls don’t count!
Woodbridge: If they did, Cam’ron would’ve just won this!
Paisner: Cam’ron just let muscle-memory take over. He’s from another world, and as such he may be getting used to regular wrestling matches, but he’s not entirely used to matches like this, where there are no Pinfalls!
Cam’ron looks a bit flustered, but he doesn’t let it affect him for long. Cam’ron now starts walking over to the corner with the Pole, and starts climbing up the turnbuckles, while Baker lays in a heap on the mat!
Woodbridge: Now Cam’ron has his eyes on the prize, and this may be the beginning of the end of this match!
Camron climbs all the way up to the top rope, and starts reaching up at the lunchbox, mere fingertips away!
Paisner: Cam’ron’s close! He’s real close!
Camron tries to grab a hold of the lunchbox, but as he reaches up, Baker starts getting back up to a vertical base, and starts hobbling towards the ropes.
Woodbridge: Baker’s up, fighting through the pain!
Baker hobbles towards the ropes at a great speed, and flails his body at the top rope, causing Cam’ron’s foot to slip off the rope, and Cam’ron crotches himself on the top turnbuckle!!!
Woodbridge: DAMN! Right in the family jewels! And look at Cam’ron, he’s in agony!
Camron sits crotched on the top turnbuckle, with a look of pure agony and pain on his face! Baker hobbles over to West on the turnbuckles, and pulls his body downwards with his feet still hooked on the turnbuckles, setting Cam’ron up in the Tree of Woe!
Crowd: OOOOHHHH!!!
Paisner: Tree of Woe! This could be DISASTROUS for Cam’ron West!!!
Baker steps through the ropes, and starts climbing up the turnbuckles, slowly making his way up to the top rope, and using the pole to help balance himself. He looks down at Cam’ron, who hasn’t moved very much in the tree of woe, and Baker starts reaching up for the Lunchbox, trying to grab a hold of it, unhook it and put this match to rest!
Paisner: Baker’s got another match to worry about later tonight, he’s doing the smart thing here, trying to end this ASAP!
But as Baker tries to grab the Lunchbox, Cam’ron starts using his core strength to slowly pull himself back up!
Woodbridge: But Cam’ron’s not quite done yet!
Baker looks down to see Cam’ron trying to get back up, and he kicks him right in the face, sending Cam’ron right back down in the tree of woe position!
Paisner: Baker’s gotta create some separation between himself and Cam’ron, and I think he may realize it too!
Baker now stands on the top turnbuckle facing Cam’ron, looking down at him as he tries to pull himself up again. Cam’ron tries to use his core and pull himself back up asain, but Baker leaps off the top, and comes down onto West with a DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP!
Cam’ron lays on the mat with a look of agony on his face, while Baker quickly rolls out of the ring, and lifts up the ringskirt to look for a weapon! Baker pulls a STEEL CHAIR out, and slides it into the ring before rolling in the ring himself!
Woodbridge: Now Baker has a chair! Cam’ron’s in deep shit!!!
Baker positions the Chair flat in the center of the ring, before making his way over to the vulnerable West. Baker bends down, and grabs Cam’ron by the arms, dragging him to the center of the ring. Baker pulls Cam back up to a vertical base, before tucking his head in between his legs, lifting him up……...and DROPPING HIM RIGHT ONTO THE STEEL CHAIR WITH A THUNDEROUS POWERBOMB!!!
Woodbridge: HOT DAMN! CAM IS OUT!!!!
Cam’ron looks to be nearly motionless on the mat, and he seems absolutely physically spent!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron just got sent for a ride, and now Baker’s going for the ‘Souls!’ This has gotta be it!
Baker wastes no time after the Big Powerbomb. After dropping Cam’ron, Baker immediately makes his way to the corner with the pole, and he starts climbing up the turnbuckles as fast as his body can muster!
Paisner: Baker’s climbing, and Cam’ron’s still down!
Baker climbs up the turnbuckles and stands on the top rope, reaching up and grazing his fingers on the Lunchbox!
Paisner: Baker’s got his fingers on that Lunchbox, he’s just gotta get a good grip on it!
Baker, while trying to keep his balance on the top rope, desperately tries to reach for the Lunchbox, and he almost gets a good grip on it…
Woodbridge: Baker’s about to put this one away!
Baker finally grabs a hold of the Lunchbox………....but Cam’ron West, fighting through all the pain in his body, starts getting back up to his feet on the mat, and he quickly hobbles himself over to the corner!
Paisner: How is Cam’ron standing?!?!
Woodbridge: I don’t know, but he may be too late!!!
Cam’ron wastes little time, and climbs up to the second rope, throwing forearm shots into the back of Baker. Baker still keeps his balance on the top turnbuckle, hanging onto the pole for stability, as he grabs a hold of the Lunchbox with his other hand!!!
Paisner: Baker’s just gotta unhook the Lunchbox!!!
Cam’ron now climbs all the way up to the top rope, and grabs Baker by the waist, leaning back and trying to use gravity to pull him off the turnbuckle!!! Baker starts to tip backwards, and he releases his grip on the lunchbox to grab the pole with both hands, hanging on for dear life!!!
Woodbridge: Cam’ron’s trying to take him down!
Paisner: Baker’s desperately trying to hang on!!!
Cam’ron throws a couple more forearm strikes to the back of Baker, and tries to pull him off again, but Baker hangs on!
Paisner: How much longer can Baker hang on!?!?!
Cam’ron, still with one arm wrapped around Baker’s waist, now starts reaching out to Baker’s upper arm with his free hand, hitting him with hammer strikes to the bicep, trying to break Baker’s grip as he hangs on for dear life with both hands!!! With each strike from Cam’ron to Baker’s bicep, Baker loses more and more grip, and his fingers start slipping off the pole!
Paisner: Baker’s slipping!!!
With Baker’s grip severely weakened, Cam’ron hooks both arms around Baker’s waist once again, and leans back………………throwing Baker off the top rope with a SUPER GERMAN SUPLEX!!!!
Baker lays nearly motionless on the mat, but Cam’ron starts using the nearby ropes to help pull himself back up to a vertical base! Cam’ron looks up at the Lunchbox, and starts climbing the turnbuckles!
Paisner: Baker’s down, and Cam’ron West may be a few small moments away from victory!
Cam’ron slowly climbs up the turnbuckles, reaching up to the Lunchbox, but he’s not quite there yet. He climbs up to the top rope, grabbing a hold of the pole to balance himself, and he reaches up to the lunchbox, grazing his fingers on it!
Woodbridge: Cam is close, he’s REAL close!!!
Cam’ron manages to get a good grip on the Lunchbox, and starts trying to unhook it!
Paisner: It looks like Cam’ron’s got it!!!
Cam’ron just about unhooks it, but before he can, suddenly a whole entire STEEL CHAIR is thrown by a kneeling Baker in the ring, and it thwacks Cam’ron on the back of the head!!!!
Woodbridge: DAMN! Baker just chucked that chair at West!
Paisner: Baker didn’t have enough time to get up and physically pull Cam’ron off that turnbuckle, but thanks to that Steel Chair that was used earlier being close to him on the mat, as well as a great throw, Baker’s momentarily still in this one!
Baker stays in his kneeling position on the mat, still in a great deal of pain, while Cam’ron pulls his hand off the Lunchbox to favor the back of his head, as he stands groggy on the top rope.
Woodbridge: Cam may be out on his feet on that top rope! This is a very precarious position!
Baker drops down from his knees to flat down on the mat, and rolls over to the side of the ring, rolling underneath the ropes, and using them to pull himself back up to his feet on the apron. Baker walks over to the corner, and starts throwing punches at Cam’ron’s thigh, causing Cam to hunch over and try to balance himself against the pole. With Cam hunched over, Baker reaches up……….shoving Cam’ron off the top, sending him CRASHING THROUGH THE TABLE SET UP AT RINGSIDE!!!!
Woodbridge: JESUS!!!
Cam’ron lays in the wreckage of the broken table on the floor, and Mia So Hung immediately checks on him. The crowd starts chanting at what they’ve just seen!
Paisner: And the table that Cam’ron set up earlier in the match just came back to haunt him, and now Baker’s all but won this thing!
Baker looks down at the wreckage of the table and Cam’ron, before climbing up the turnbuckles, slowly getting closer and closer to the top while Cam’ron remains motionless on the floor. Baker stands on the top rope, hanging on to the pole for support, while reaching up at the Lunchbox, grabbing ahold of it……..and unhooking it from the pole, securing the Lunchbox with the ‘Souls’ of himself and Cam’ron and winning the match! Mia So Hung calls for the bell!
Paisner: Jim Baker has done it, he has the ‘Soul’ of Cam’ron West!
Babaganoush: At a time of 17 minutes and 20 seconds, here is your winner……….JIM…..BBAAAKKKEERRRRR!!!
As Baker’s music hits, the crowd rises to their feet and starts applauding, clapping for both men for their efforts in the match. Baker stands on the top rope against the pole, looking elated after this big win.
Paisner: Holy SMOKES what a brawl that was! Both men gave it their all, and they’re standing here in Atlanta!
Baker climbs down off the corner with the Lunchbox in hand, raising his fist in the air in victory, but taking some deep breaths as he does so.
Paisner: Congratulations to Baker, but hats off to Cam’ron as well! What a way to kick this show off!
Baker rolls out of the ring, with the Lunchbox in hand, and he looks down at Cam’ron who is still being tended to by Mia So Hung. Cam’ron barely has his eyes open, but Baker nods his head slightly down at him, a small show of respect from Baker to West.
Paisner: West gave it a hell of a go in that match, and while Baker may not like him, I think he’s earned a bit of Baker’s respect here tonight.
Baker walks back up the aisle, not limping, not showing any major signs of injury, but he definitely looks to be in a great deal of pain, and looks slightly exhausted.
Paisner: After that match, the two questions on my mind are ‘Where does Cam’ron West go from here?’ and ‘What shape will Baker be in later tonight?’
Woodbridge: After that showing, I’d say Cam’ron’s getting better and better in the ring, and he’ll continue to improve his game. As for Baker, he’s gonna have a couple hours to recuperate before his Tag Title Match tonight, but he took a LOT of punishment in this match. Even with a couple hours rest, I don’t think he’ll be at 100% later tonight.
Paisner: Time will tell, ladies and gentlemen. But now, coming up next we have tag team action as Team BS, Buster Braggadocio and Stephen Romero take on Miles Alpha and Dalidus Nova of the Young Cardinals.
Woodbridge: And there’s a lot to say for the partnership between Buster and Romero. They’re two sides of the same coin more or less, both of them proud of their ethnicity and who they are, but there’s a disparity between the attitudes of the two.
Paisner: Nova and Alpha at first glance would seem to be a more cohesive unit, but I wouldn’t dare count Buster and Romero out. If there’s any group who’s insufferable enough to get Romero and Braggadocio on the same page, it’s the Young Cards.
Woodbridge: We’ll send it down to my boy Javier for the introductions!
We cut to Babaganoush, who stands in the ring with the mic.
Javier: The following tag team contest is scheduled for one fall…..
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Javier:......with a 60 Minute Time Limit! Your referee is Ivan Itichicock!
The crowd applauds for Itchicock as he enters the ring. We pan over the crowd as some funky beats begin to play over the sound system.
Javier: Introducing First, From Atlanta, Georgia……….
Paisner: Hometown pop!
Javier:...the first half of Team BS: BUUSTTERRR BRAGGAADOOCIIIIOOOOOO!!!!
Buster saunters through the entrance of the runway without a care in the world. He stops for a moment, turning around to reveal "Straight Outta TEAM BS" sewn onto the back of his vest. It’s clearly his own handy work, with the letters hastily stitched on with the same material as his flashy red pants.
Crowd: WOOOOO!
Crowd: BOOOOO!
He continues down the runway, mostly getting cheers from his hometown…..until he starts accusing fans of being ‘crackers’ regardless of their heritage.
Paisner: Once again Buster has chosen to keep his entrance for this tag team match.
Woodbridge: We all know that Romero and Braggadocio don’t necessarily see eye to eye on everything - but this is looking more and more like a sign that things may not be all sunshine and rainbows.
Paisner: Woodbridge, may I give some professional feedback? As a friend?
Woodbridge: … Yes?
Paisner: Maybe we shouldn’t run straight to the rainbow metaphors when speaking about these two.
Woodbridge: That’s not what I…
Paisner: Because his partner is-
Woodbridge, pinching the bridge of his nose: Yes. Noted, thank you.
The lights dim as another familiar song begins to play throughout the ring.
Javier: And hailing from Sacramento, California, STEEEPPHHENN ROOOMMERRROOOO!
Crowd: RO-MER-O! RO-MER-O!
Romero appears at the end of the runway, playing off of the cheering fans who jump to greet him. He stays friendly, handing out fist bumps along his walk to the ring, but those who look close enough can see that he isn’t feeling as confident as usual.
He steps into the ring and hops up onto the turnbuckles, running a hand through his hair before raising a fist to the crowd. After returning to his corner, he looks expectantly to the top of the runway just in time for the lights to dim once again.
Dalidus Nova and Miles Alpha walk out wearing matching military jackets with the canadian flag stitched onto the arms
Javier: And their opponents, representing The Vanguard. At a combined weight of 415 pounds, The YOOOOOOOOUNG CARDINALS, MILES ALPHA AND DALIDUUUUUS NOOOOVA!
Paisner: The former tag team champs have had issues with the newly formed Team BS for a few months now.
Woodbridge: Yes, but despite being a team for years, they might not be fully on the same page either, as Joey McCarty has been busy with individual championship pursuits to help his fellow Cardinals tonight.
The Cardinals walk straight to the ring, ignoring the fans and staring down Romero and Braggadocio. The two Cardinals step into the ring, Alpha subtly bopping his head to the music, as the two hand their jackets to Chondon. Their music starts to fade away, and both teams get ready in their respective corners. Itchicock confirms both teams are ready, and calls for the opening bell!
As the bell sounds, Romero and Nova stare one another down, before both charging from out the corner! Romero swinging out with a lariat, an action Nova seems to have anticipated as he quickly gets slow to slide under and in between Romero’s legs to get behind him! Nova quickly rises and jumps up to deliver a dropkick to Romero’s back! Sending Romero stumbling towards the ropes, as Alpha runs over to the center of the apron to try and catch Romero with a kick to the head from the outside! But Romero manages to duck his head under, as he turns around, and sees a charging Nova coming right for him! Romero sidesteps just as Nova goes for a superkick, Nova nearly kicking Alpha, but Alpha reacting fast enough to catch Nova’s leg, and try to turn it right back around into their favor as he spins Nova by the leg to try and get him to catch Romero in the head with it! But Romero ducks straight under it! Then rises up to clock Nova on the jaw with a stiff forearm strike! Sending Nova stumbling back and onto a knee, as Alpha tries to run over to near Romero and swing with his own strike, but Romero catches him with a back elbow! Dropping Alpha to his ass on the apron!
Paisner: The Cardinals managing to avoid taking each other out, and hell, nearly turning back around a potentially bad situation into getting one over on Romero, but Romero with incredible awareness and timing with his moves! Subduing both cardinals!
Nova has groggily gotten up and backed themselves up into a corner, which Romero turns his head to see, and charges at Nova with a clothesline in the corner! Sending Nova sinking down in the corner! Romero then grabs Nova and brings him back up, before heading to the opposite corner, and rushing back with a second clothesline! This one knocking the air out of Nova, as he falls to a seated position in the corner!
Romero has a confident look on his face, as he grabs a hurt Nova, struggling to get air into his body, then just biel tosses him across near all the way across the ring! Nova landing right near the opposite corner!
Woodbridge: The absurd strength of this man! That’s over 220 pounds tossed like it’s nothing!
Nova is loopy in the corner, grabbing the ropes, and slowly pulling himself up. Eventually making his way up to his feet, as Romero goes to rush towards him again!.....but Nova slips himself through the ropes, then flicks himself up to connect with a pendulum kick to the head of Romero! Stunning him in the center of the ring! Nova then steps back into the ring, taking a moment to catch his breath, before running towards Romero, then jumping up with an enziguri to Romero’s head! Sending Romero a bit wobbly on his feet!
Nova then grabs the wobbly Romero, and tosses him into his tag corner, where we see a now-recovered Alpha standing up. Nova tags in Alpha, as Romero in the corner tries to quickly grab Nova and strike Nova away, but Alpha strikes Romero in the head from behind to stun him, and stop him! Nova begins to lay in hard kicks to Romero’s midsection as Alpha then steps into the ring, where he joins in with the kicks to the midsection! Romero sinking down in the corner as The Cardinals send kick after kick into his chest! Before the two link arms, as Alpha whips Nova towards the center of the ring, before Nova turning himself to whip Alpha even closer to the center, before Nova then sends Alpha running back towards Romero! Alpha sent at a high speed as he jumps up with a hesitation dropkick to the face of Romero! Leaving him completely seated and loopy in the corner!
Woodbridge: Young Cardinals seeking to do what they do best, on point teamwork learned from years of experience not only as just general tag wrestlers, but with each other specifically. Buster and Romero may know the tag ring very well, but they can’t compete with how well Nova and Alpha know each other specifically.
Nova then heads over to the apron, as Alpha walks towards Romero, and goes to press his boot into Romero’s neck! Romero grabs onto Alpha’s legs, and goes to pry him off quickly, but Alpha drops down to dropkick Romero’s face to re-stun him, before getting up and extending his leg out again to successfully press it into Romero’s neck and choke him out!
All the air is pressed out of Romero, as he struggles around while Alpha applies the choke. Itchicock eventually begins to count Alpha off, who breaks only right before the 5 count!
Alpha smirks at his work, Romero holding at his neck on the ground, struggling to breath, as Alpha then just begins to lightly tap at Romero’s head with his boot!
Paisner: And now just palpable disrespect from Alpha! Taunting Romero on the ground!
Alpha keeps booting the head of Romero, yelling out taunting remark after taunting remark as Romero begins to push himself up against it. Romero gets to a knee, as eventually Alpha switches to doing something more legit harmful, as he shoots down forearm strikes into the head of Romero! Sending a hard one right down into Romero, but Romero moves through and continues to rise up! Alpha then strikes with another rough forearm to Romero, but still Romero is not deterred! Alpha beginning to panic, starts striking rapidly with the forearms, looking to subdue Romero with an absolute onslaught of forearms, but eventually, Romero forcefully pushes himself up and breaks through! Alpha is sent flying across the ring, falling on his ass, as he scrambles to his feet and rushes back at Romero to try and re-take advantage, but runs right into Romero tossing out an open palm chop! Impacting Alpha’s chest hard, and flooring him right to the ground!
Alpha writhes around on the mat! Moaning in pain, clutching at his chest, now left with a big red spot in the middle, as Romero then lets out a roar!
Romero then takes a moment to catch his breath and collect himself, before he then sizes Alpha down, and goes to run the ropes!.....but gets caught with a kick in the back from Nova as he hits them!
Romero tenses up for a moment, before he goes to turn around to strike Nova off of the apron! But Nova ducks under the elbow Romero throws at him, and grabs his head to pull Romero down into the ropes to whiplash his face off of them!
Woodbridge: Romero trying to come back, but the Cardinals sneaky tactics quickly cutting him right back off! Excellent work from Nova!
Romero is sent back from the ropes, holding at his face as he falls to a knee. While we see Alpha beginning to stir from the chop he had just taken. Romero begins to try and rise from his knee, but Alpha runs in with a dropkick to the back of Romero’s head! Forcing him back to the ground!
Alpha then grabs Romero, and does his best to try and bring Romero up, but the significant weight difference makes it a struggle. So instead, he works from the position he has. Dropping Romero and allowing him to hit the mat, before applying a rear chinlock to the larger man.
Paisner And now Alpha trying to ground the big man, wear down Romero. And this can not only take even more energy out of Romero than has also been took, but also drain the morale of Buster to try and get Romero back into it!
Alpha grinds in on the chinlock, getting low to the ground as possible to sink out as much as he can from Romero. Romero tries to power up, but Alpha is quicker, and delivers an elbow strike to the shoulder and neck that drops Romero back to the mat.
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2020.10.17 09:18 liph_vye BLM Victories List and Police/Prison Alternatives List

Hi I've been working on a list of BLM victories and of police and prison alternatives for my local organizers. I hope these can give y'all some inspiration and ideas for your own local fight too. Please let me know of anything else that should be added to the lists.

BLM Victories List

Police and Prisons Alternatives List

Mental Health Crises:
Drug Abuse:
Sex Work:
Police in Schools (School Discipline):
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2020.10.16 01:36 BruceWaynesWorld6 Sacramento Pipeworks lead or top rope partner

Anyone here I’ve a membership and looking for someone to climb with? The gym is open only to members now I think.
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2020.10.14 12:03 remote-enthusiast I've collected 66 remote jobs from last couple of days

Hello friends! These are the open remote positions I've found that were published today. See you tomorrow! Bleep blop 🤖
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2020.10.11 22:35 Erhard_Eckmann [Econ] America on the Go Act

America on the Go Act


Almost 10 years ago, a VP Biden advocated for a $53 Bn high-speed rail system to connect Americans, businesses, and goods together. However, his dream was never realized with a Republican majority in the House of Representatives at the time. The Republicans wanted to see a high-speed rail system come through private businesses. How well had their justification held up nine years later? As of yet, no true high-speed rail service was constructed, while some private businesses have plans for niche local routes. At the end of the day, there are many limitations, particularly financing, preventing a single or few businesses from going national with a high-speed rail project. Democrats have backed up President Biden, stating that the delays and regional focus have not benefited a majority of the population, and it will require a federal focus. The Republicans claimed that Amtrak is an abysmal failure and would torpedo the implementation, and frankly, this is one spot that the Democrats agree. In the current state, Amtrak is not fit for implementing and servicing a high-speed rail service, and instead are presenting a new public enterprise to be set up as a for-profit organization that will focus on the high-speed railway and cargo services. However, the Democrats have also admitted that it would be inappropriate to create new public business without reforming Amtrak as well, and have decided Amtrak reforms should be attached to proposed America on the Go Act. Secretary Musk was upset that his own company would not have the opportunity to contract on the project, nor manage a national roll-out of high-speed rail, but is confident that his dream can finally be realized this way.

American High-Speed Rail Corporation (AHSRC)

The America on the Go Act has called for the creation of a for-profit public corporation called American High-Speed Rail Corporation to manage and roll-out high-speed railway services for the United States of America. The AHSRC will operate subordinate to the Department of Transportation and horizontal to Amtrak. Rather than how Amtrak was initially set up by having separate companies and in some cases, private enterprise, running different lines, AHSRC will be completely federally run by a single organization. AHSRC will have the authority to set their own prices and provide discounts to the elderly, students, military service members and veterans. AHSRC will hold rolling stock, manage traffic, and perform ongoing maintenance of the rail services. Because it is a high-speed rail, requirements have been set for passenger HSR lines to have a 10 minute turnaround time allowing five minutes to get off, and five minutes to get on.

American High-Speed Railway Network

The America on the Go Act presents six high-speed rail lines to service the country, with some small connection lines to important economic and population centers (denoted by dotted lines). The service will feature West Coast Line, Southern Line, Trans-Continental Line, Mississippi River Line, East Coast Line, and the Great Lakes Line. Some additional connections have been proposed for consideration by the Government of Canada, and Mexico which will help increase travel, commerce, and relations between the three countries after the Trump era, further affirming the US-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement.
West Coast Line
One of the major important lines for the United States is pitched to start, with Canada’s cooperation, in Vancouver which will then service the Sea-Tac area before Portland, and then down into the major cities of California like Sacramento, San-Fran, San Jose, and down to LA, and San Diego. A connecting line will provide connections for Reno to Sacramento. In the future, there is a prospective line proposal for Mexico to connect San Diego to Tijuana, and down to Cabo San Lucas in Baja California. Of course, the Canadian and Mexican portion of the rails would be operated by a Canadian and Mexican partner that will coordinate with AHSRC that will not have to change trains or cars to cross the border, but a swap of the managing team. This line will begin construction in 2021, and is to be completed in 2025. This line will be a passenger line.
Southern Line
The Southern Line will begin in Los Angeles and transit to Flagstaff, which has options of a Phoenix to Tucson service, or continuing service to Albuquerque which then goes to El Paso, San Antonio, Austin, Houston, over to New Orleans, then to Mobile, Pensacola, Tallahassee, Jacksonville. From Jacksonville, the line will head south into Florida to Orlando, Tampa, and ending in Miami. This line will be a passenger line. This line will begin construction in 2021 and is to be completed in 2026
Trans-Continental Line
The Trans-Continental Line will be a priority freight line and passenger line with high-speed service from San-Francisco to Salt Lake City, Kansas City, St. Louis, Louisville, Charleston, and ending in New York City. This line will primarily service freight like postal and objects that can be contained in shipping containers. Open cover freight will not be possible at the time of its inception and is expected to have a high-shipping premium. However, this could have great military implications like transporting troops, arms and other items at high speed across the country. This line will begin construction in 2021 and is to be completed in 2026.
East Coast Line
The East Coast Line is another passenger service line with service from Austin to Montreal. The line has connection options for Oklahoma City, and Charleston SC. The mainline itself will service Birmingham, Montgomery, Atlanta, Charlotte, Richmond, Washington D.C., Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York City, Hartford, Providence, Boston, Manchester, and finally Montreal. This line will facilitate east coast interconnectivity and will create options for workers to live in lower-cost residential areas and transit to the cities for work, while also connecting the Western US travelers to the East Coast and vice versa. This line will begin construction in 2021 and is to be completed in 2025.
Mississippi River Line
The Mississippi River Line does not actually follow the river, however, it catches the major cities in the states that have the Mississippi. The line begins in New Orleans, and offers service to Little Rock, Kansas City, Des Moines, and Minneapolis. Ultimately this line will probably have the least ridership out of every line, however, there is no vertical integration across the lines, and the Mississippi Line will facilitate connections across the major lines part-way across the country. This line will begin construction in 2023 and is to be completed in 2028.
Great Lakes Line
The Great Lakes Line is almost as much a Canada line as it is an American line. The purpose of this line is to connect the rust belt and Canadian population centers to the American East Coast. The line will begin in Montreal, with service to Ottawa, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago and end in Minneapolis. This line will have connection options to Louisville, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Detroit, and Sault Ste. Marie. This will help revitalize the steel industry in Sault Ste. Marie, the coal and mining industries in Pennsylvania, and the Great Lakes industries, while connecting to big business and ports on the East Coast. This will begin in 2021 and is to be completed in 2024.
Operations and Rolling Stock
The AHSRC has selected the Avelia Liberty high-speed train that will operate at speeds of 220 mph for the American High-Speed Rail Network. These trains are capable of crossing the United States for the longest journey in approximately 13 hours, while not as fast as an airplane, is considerably more affordable for a higher-quality service than a budget airline like Spirit. Night trains that run long-hauls will pull a mix of the passenger seat and sleeper cars, whereas day time trains will pull a three-class arrangement by ticket. Trains will have free on-board Wi-Fi, USB ports and power sockets. Seats will be fixed with an on-board entertainment system. When boarding, passengers will be allowed one overhead, one personal item. Larger items will have bins at the front and back of the seated car to place, and then can be retrieved at the passenger’s destination.
Much like an airport, travelers will have to get their ticket checked along with Federally-approved identification by the TSA. If transiting through Mexico or Canada, or arriving from, persons crossing borders must be bringing their passport and appropriate immigration documents. Customs declaration forms will be passed around to foreign persons coming from Canada or Mexico. All bags, including large items, will have to pass through a scanner, and each person will have to go through a full-body scan. Firearms, and sharps longer than 3 inches with the exception of active-duty military personnel, will not be approved for transit.
All on-board announcements will be first read in English, followed by Spanish, French, and Chinese. Every seated passenger will be given one bottle of water, and all other food or meal services will be available for purchase through a roving cart. Each train will have at least two US Marshals present and armed, at all times during transit. Trains will run across the country beginning at 5:00 AM EST and the last trains leaving at 9:00 PM EST.

Reforming Amtrak and Upgrading Services

Ironically, Amtrak lines have a somewhat efficient service for having such a bad reputation. Amtrak has a reliability of 83%, which is more reliable than domestic airlines at 82%, but just barely. Where Amtrak’s issues truly surface are in funding, and labor relations. For a widespread rail service in the United States, it isn’t often chosen for transportation because the rails are poorly maintained, which makes sense given how poorly funded they are. Amtrak only receives $1.4 Bn annually, which is not nearly enough to keep upgrading the rails, maintaining bridges, salaries, cleaning the cars, replaceable parts and otherwise, making for quite unsatisfactory service. One of the primary issues is, despite being a state-owned enterprise, is the government for some reason believes that it should be self-sufficient and require no funding, which frankly isn’t exactly an option in the current situation. If it is to eventually be self-sufficient, it will require appropriate investment so that it can manage itself and focus on providing a better service and maintaining itself. Shortly, Congress has discussed the auditing of federal institutions to eliminate waste, which would address any overspending or inefficiencies inside Amtrak or other SOEs for that matter, but for the meantime, the funding will have to suffice. The Federal Government has planned to provide Amtrak with $5 Bn annually to upgrade, do maintenance, and perform its services, which will be significantly needed to increase from the current amount.
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2020.10.11 13:46 prospect69 Moving to BEECHBORO

Hi sandgropers
My partner and I are moving to beechboro in the new year. Now my questions are mainly about the suburb. I'm aware we are closeish to the Reid Highway so there's likely going to be some noise around the clock, but we have also heard alot of stories circulating about crime/break ins, assault at the shops etc..
However all of these tales are from old boys who probably haven't stepped foot outside their local pub in the last 15 years. So I would like some info on the suburb itself from people who have been living there. Our house sits next to an alleyway to another culdesac. We are near Sacramento ave if that helps.
Anyway share some RECENT stories. Open to Pm's too if you have alot to say!

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2020.10.10 07:19 CassyCain [F4M] Hotline Miami/Thriller/ARG-esque RP

Boring stuff:
-I’m J, 23 and on the East Coast. I’d ask that my partner be above 18 years old. -Id ask that my partner helps with worldbuilding. I want to make this fun for the both of us! -NSFW topics are okay in my book. -Please try to be active! Or at least give me a warning before a long time of inactivity. -I only RP on discord. -I usually write anywhere from 2-3 paragraphs on a basic reply, and i’d ask my partner write enough for me to maintain that.
Alright, now the fun stuff.
The year is 1999. In a sleepy beach town outside of Sacramento, California, something is soon to go awry. Both parents and teenagers have complained about some local organization contacting them with strange and often unsettling messages. Police investigations have yielded no results, but it is obvious that the source of the transmission is too far to accurately track down. These messages ask for the recipient to commit strange deeds in lieu of a potential monetary reward.
This story would focus on our two characters, both at the end of their highschool careers, who begin to receive these messages. We would follow them from that sleepy town in northern California, across the US, as they attempt to find the source of these calls, all while slowly becoming more aware of the atrocities they have committed. I plan of having psychological/thriller elements to this, with almost an ARG-like quest that our characters follow. Dead drops, subliminal messages, all that. If you couldn’t tell already, it takes heavy inspiration from Hotline Miami, even if it isn’t a fully fledged thing at the moment.
If you’re interested, please let MESSAGE ME. If you leave a comment, I will not reply.
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2020.10.10 00:19 arandomprofilename 41 [F4M] NorCal lady seeking awesome companion for the next episode

Hello! About me: 41F, single, monogamous, looking for long-term, hoping to find "my person" who can commiserate with me during and beyond this quarantine! I am a well-rounded, young-at-heart, adventurous, mostly-responsible adult who is seeking a fun, dorky, companion. I have a career I love, I just bought my dream home, and have a plan for the future. I've had an amazing life thus far, looking forward to the next episode with a cool partner! Blonde, 5'3", a little curvy, happy to send pics once we chat a bit! Will also eventually want to meet in person - socially distanced - to really know if there's a good connection!
About you: 35-45M, single, monogamous, also looking for long-term, ok with text, phone or video chats to begin with, generally kind, and can make me laugh when I'm too serious (which is often) :) Bonus points if you're generally handy or at the very least, can hold the ladder for me.
Things I love: visiting new cities or countries, coffee or tea on my patio Saturday mornings, wrestling with my pups, working in my flower garden, board games with friends, last minute brunch plans, binging on Netflix, using my scuba gear, tattoos, breathing in mountain or beach air, sarcasm and wit, IPA's or whiskey by the campfire, making memories and lazy Sundays. I can be really social or a hermit depending on the day, I so miss going to midtown for game night, brunch or drinks!!
I also occasionally teach floral design and art classes, I enjoy creating something to make people smile!
Here's the catch: I have long been ready to be a mom and have yet to find the right guy to have kids with, and since time is running out for me to have a biological child, I took matters into my own hands. I am currently pregnant via anonymous donor. I know, crazy! Why am I looking to date right now?? To be clear, I'm not looking for a baby daddy or financial support - I'm good. But I still have hope that I'll find someone to share life with and gain a companion, and possibly make a family together. I enjoy being in a relationship, having each other's back, and being a passionate partner to someone who is awesome. Maybe you want kids, but can't have them. Or maybe you're ok with someone already having kids on her own! Then I'm your gal! :)
P.S. Obviously I'm not drinking right now, but normally I do enjoy adult beverages and am 420 friendly.
P.P.S. I'm based out of the Sacramento valley, willing to meet out of my area, but with the goal to eventually be together.
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2020.10.09 14:51 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: the Los Angeles Lakers may win the title tonight, but their ambition won't end there

The NBA season is nearly over: be it 1, 2, or 3 more games left. With the offseason looming around the corner, we've been looking ahead with our OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. In each entry, we preview some big decisions and make some recommendations for plans of attack along the way.
Like the NBA, we've officially come to the end of the road and to our final team, the Los Angeles Lakers.
step one: know it will never be All Quiet on the Western Front
The Los Angeles Lakers have plenty of fans, but also plenty of people who enjoy watching them struggle (some even run their own sports websites.) It feels like they've been a punching bag for almost a decade now. Even when the team landed a coup and signed LeBron James, there were plenty of skeptics and haters picking at the roster and fanning the flames of front office tension. Even when the team followed that up with a trade for Anthony Davis, there were STILL doubters and haters camped at the gates.
At the end of the day, LeBron James and company only had one way to shut them up: win.
Now, no one can criticize them anymore. Whatever they did to get here -- it worked. LeBron James deserves a huge amount of credit for this presumptive title (no offense, Miami) but there's plenty to go around. Anthony Davis reminded the world that he's a friggin' beast. Frank Vogel did a great job getting the defense to play on a string, especially on the perimeter. The maligned bench with Rajon Rondo, Markieff Morris, and Kyle Kuzma even stepped up in a major way on the road to the Finals.
While the team may be drenched with champagne by the time you read this, they still won't be satisfied. LeBron James went back to Cleveland to win a title. He didn't go to L.A. and recruit Anthony Davis to win a title. He wants to win multiple titles. He may get his 4th ring after this year, which means he'll only be 2 away from catching Michael Jordan. If he can do that, then there won't be any doubt about his GOAT status. And honestly, it's possible. James still looks like a top 5 player (if not 1 overall), and Anthony Davis is in the heart of his prime. With a decent supporting cast around them, they're going to be in title contention for the next two or three years.
However, the Lakers can't get complacent. They deserved this title, but they didn't exactly beat Murderers' Row to get here. In fact, their playoff opponents had the weakest seed value and weakest W-L percentage of any title team since 2000. Next season may be tougher sledding. The L.A. Clippers could be a real threat with better coaching and better rotations. The Milwaukee Bucks could be a real threat with better health. Health permitting, the Brooklyn Nets have the star power and the depth to be a force themselves. It's going to be a dogfight next season. The Lakers still may be the top dogs in that fight, but they're going to have to scrape and claw to get that bone again.
step two: convince your free agents that It's a Wonderful Life
LeBron James is a champion for player empowerment, but that concept is going to put his L.A. Lakers in a precarious position this offseason. Some decisions with be out of their hands. The team has an inordinate amount of player options for next season, with 5 separate players having the right to opt "in" or "out" of their contracts. Let's take a look at each of those one individually.
The most important, of course, will be Anthony Davis. He has the choice whether to opt in to his $28.7M salary. It's weird to say, but $28.7M is a bargain. Davis is a 27-year-old superstar. He deserves the new max and then some. From the Lakers' perspective, the only question will be timing the extension in the best interest of Davis and the team as a whole. If they wait until next offseason to give him a full max, they may have some more wiggle room in salary to bring in extra free agents (in Offseason 2021, not Offseason 2020.) Perhaps they can convince AD to wait until then to accrue more years. At the same time, uncertainty isn't their friend. If the Lakers disappoint next season and LeBron James hits a wall (unlikely, but theoretically possible) then perhaps Davis doesn't want to stay tethered to this older roster for the long haul. Perhaps his relationship with James -- great now -- bleeds into resentment over time. Who the heck knows. Superstar pairings don't always end with "happily ever after." Even that remote concern would make me push for a max extension for AD ASAP.
The second most important player option will be Kentavious Caldwell-Pope. When the Lakers first signed them, it raised some eyebrows and potential tampering conspiracy theories. These days, his $8.5M player option looks like a good value. KCP shot well this year and played hard on defense. Effectively, he looked like the player that Danny Green was supposed to be. Your hope here is that the Lakers have built enough goodwill with KCP and his representatives to make this a friendly negotiation. Whether that means he opts in, or whether that means he signs a long-term deal, it's a relationship that needs to continue.
step three: but convince others to ride off like Shane
Conversely, there are a few player options that the team may try to talk players out of taking. Avery Bradley missed the bubble for personal reasons, but the Lakers' backcourt did just fine without him. At this stage in their careers, Alex Caruso is probably better at the 3+D guard role. Still, it's going to be up to Bradley whether to return or not. He can opt in to his $5.0M player option. The value is OK in the broadest sense, but perhaps the Lakers are rooting for him to test the market elsewhere. The Lakers should take a hard line here and not offer him extra years; if Bradley leaves to chase a long-term deal, so be it. If he opts in, he may be used as a potential trade chip.
Meanwhile, JaVale McGee has a $4.2M player option himself. McGee started 68/68 games in the regular season, but he didn't always look like their best option in the playoffs. As he ages (now 32), he'll continue to struggle with certain matchups. I don't think McGee can match that $4M anywhere else, so trying to convince him to opt out may be a losing proposition. Again, if McGee opts in, then the Lakers need to consider utilizing his salary as a potential trade piece.
Some of those decisions -- whether they want to keep Avery Bradley and JaVale McGee -- may hinge on some other free agents on the team. Backup PG Rajon Rondo has his own player option of $2.7M. All season long, I'd been talking about Rondo as a potential liability for the team. Instead, he justified some of that "Playoff Rondo" talk. Between Rondo and Caruso, you'd prefer Caruso getting extended minutes. Between Rondo and Bradley, it's more of a debate. Rondo deserves more than $2.7M, so I expect him to opt out. Presumably, he appreciates the role and limelight here in L.A. and wouldn't play hardball. If he's amenable to a short-term, reasonable deal, then you'd want to keep him in house. If his playoff hype spirals into outsized offers (anything over $6M or so) then you should thank him for his service and wish him well.
The Lakers should treat backup C Dwight Howard (an unrestricted free agent) in a similar way. Now 34, he's become a role player. Moreover, his role -- as the more traditional center -- is no longer a valuable one either. Still, he's pretty good at that role -- arguably better than JaVale McGee. The team shouldn't over-invest in this one-two punch though. If Howard wants to re-sign for a bargain basement deal, great. If he expects a mid-sized contract or an extra year, then he may be on the move again. For both Rondo and Howard, I'd stand firm on 1 year deals. However, the team can potentially add in "team option" years on top of that. The purpose would be less to entice them into staying and more to make them potential trade chips (in terms of salary matching) later on down the road.
The Lakers will have more free agents to discuss. Markieff Morris is an interesting one; he looked like a shell of himself after some injuries, but he showed signs of life in the postseason. If that's legit, then he could potentially be a good rotational player for the team (when they go "small" with AD at the 5.) The verdict from team doctors will be crucial to determining his value. Alternatively, vets like J.R. Smith and Dion Waiters don't appear to have any value at all. Fortunately, they don't have player options either.
step four: solve the mystery of The Third Man
All season long, we heard that the Lakers would need a third star to emerge if they were going to win the title. Kyle Kuzma never got there, but it didn't matter. Perhaps we've just defaulted into a more familiar era of the NBA. Shaq and Kobe won without another "star." Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen won without another "star" (Dennis Rodman was more of an ultra role player.) With Kevin Durant removed from Golden State, perhaps the bar has been lowered back to reasonable heights for NBA title teams.
Still, the Lakers need to figure out who Kyle Kuzma is, and what his role should be. He averaged 16-6 as a rookie, but showed some signs of a "good stats / bad team" kind of player. That fear hasn't gone away. Since then, Kuzma's shot 30% and 32% from three over the following two years, and played poor defense overall. ESPN real plus/minus metric graded him as a -0.4 and -0.7 defensive impact, while box plus/minus had him at -1.2 and -1.0. That same BPM metric graded him below replacement level overall (-0.2 VORP).
Kuzma has played OK in these playoffs, but he hasn't had a major role. In fact, his minutes per game is down to 23.2 in the postseason so far, with 0 starts drawn. It's clear that Frank Vogel and the team don't believe he's the 3rd best player on the team. He may not even be the 4th or 5th best player.
You may ask: who cares? Kuzma isn't a world beater, but the Lakers beat the world anyway. Still, it's an important question hanging over their heads. Kuzma is under contract for one more year, and then will enter restricted free agency (at a time when they will be a lot of cap space out there.) Based on name value, he's going to get a decent contract.
If the Lakers don't believe he's worth decent money, it may be time to trade him now. (Realistically, the time to trade him was last offseason, but what can ya do.) Kuzma's $3.5M salary is easy to move, and the team can attach other contracts like McGee, Bradley, and Quinn Cook ($3M) to match a deal anywhere from the $3M-$15M range if need be.
What can the Lakers get for Kuzma on the open market? It's hard to tell. He's a polarizing name, so it may depend on whether their trade partner reads reddit or not. I'd call up Detroit and ask about Luke Kennard. If Houston's blowing it up, I'd ask about Robert Covington. If Minnesota's locked into Anthony Edwards at # 1, maybe they'd be open to trading Malik Beasley in a sign and trade. If you want to play dirty, you can tell Portland that Gary Trent Jr. (newest client of Klutch) is going to sign with the Lakers next season no matter what, so they may as well recoup something for him now. Fair? Ethical? Ehh. But hey, it's proven to be effective before.
step five: encourage others to hunt for the Treasure of the Sierra Madre
The Lakers don't have much cap space this offseason, but that's not a major problem. They're not going to have to list job openings on -- available players are going to flock to them. The most obvious reason to join the Lakers would be to chase rings. However, it goes deeper than that. There's not a lot of teams with cap space this offseason, but there are plenty with space next season.
If you're a free agent who's not getting a lot of attention, there's one great way to get attention: play with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers. You can inflate your stock for next offseason, when hopefully you cash in.
If I ran the Lakers, my first call would be to a veteran like Darren Collison. Collison took the season off to pursue his faith, but reportedly he may return next year. If so, he'd be a dream fit for this Lakers' rotation. Collison can run the point when LeBron James rests, but he can also serve as a complementary spacer. The former UCLA standout has become a very reliable shooter -- hitting over 40% from deep in his last four seasons. He's undersized and sometimes outmatched on D, but the team has Alex Caruso ready to match up with bigger guards. Collison's skill set would merit $10+ million in a good market, but perhaps NBA teams are going to want to see him "prove it" after his extended absence. If that's the case, the Lakers can thank their lucky stars and Jehovah for delivering him into their laps.
Other veterans who may be drawn to the Lakers like a moth to the flame would include: the underrated E'Twaun Moore (NO) and likable vet Courtney Lee (DAL). Moe Harkless (NYK) could probably get more elsewhere, but he may decide to bet on himself and inflate his price for next season.
Since Anthony Davis still prefers playing PF, depth at center will be more important for the Lakers than other teams. As mentioned, JaVale McGee will probably be back (barring a trade) and Dwight Howard may be as well. If not, the team could try to recruit a player who wants to boost their stock. Nerlens Noel (OKC) could benefit from the spotlight like that; better yet, his agent happens to be some dude named Rich Paul.
Overall, the Lakers need to keep pushing and trying to improve, be it through free agency, through trades, or through the draft (where they have the # 28 pick.) This team may have been good enough to win the title, but as mentioned, one title isn't going to satisfy this star, this team, and this fan base. Hollywood's all about excess, and the goal will be to overindulge over the next few years.
other offseason blueprints
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2020.10.09 00:50 CassyCain [F4M] Hotline Miami/Thriller/ARG-esque RP

Boring stuff:
-I’m J, 23 and on the East Coast. I’d ask that my partner be above 18 years old. -Id ask that my partner helps with worldbuilding. I want to make this fun for the both of us! -NSFW topics are okay in my book. -Please try to be active! Or at least give me a warning before a long time of inactivity. -I only RP on discord. -I usually write anywhere from 2-3 paragraphs on a basic reply, and i’d ask my partner write enough for me to maintain that.
Alright, now the fun stuff.
The year is 1999. In a sleepy beach town outside of Sacramento, California, something is soon to go awry. Both parents and teenagers have complained about some local organization contacting them with strange and often unsettling messages. Police investigations have yielded no results, but it is obvious that the source of the transmission is too far to accurately track down. These messages ask for the recipient to commit strange deeds in lieu of a potential monetary reward.
This story would focus on our two characters, both at the end of their highschool careers, who begin to receive these messages. We would follow them from that sleepy town in northern California, across the US, as they attempt to find the source of these calls, all while slowly becoming more aware of the atrocities they have committed. I plan of having psychological/thriller elements to this, with almost an ARG-like quest that our characters follow. Dead drops, subliminal messages, all that. If you couldn’t tell already, it takes heavy inspiration from Hotline Miami, even if it isn’t a fully fledged thing at the moment.
If you’re interested, please let MESSAGE ME. If you leave a comment, I will not reply.
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2020.10.07 20:18 LemonChrist Roller rinks to rent for a few hours?

Hi y’all, My partner has been wanting to practice on her quad skates but isn’t comfortable enough to do it in public. I was wondering if any roller rinks are available to rent out, if any are open in the midst of COVID.
Or if any fellow skaters know of some cool, smooth spots with very little foot traffic, I’d greatly appreciate any info. Thanks Sacramento!
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2020.10.06 13:55 ZandrickEllison Offseason Blueprint: the Oklahoma City Thunder fought off a rebuild for another year, but a new era will be necessary eventually

The NBA Finals are starting to heat up, but there are now 28 teams sitting at home with nothing to do but twiddle their thumbs and wait for next season to start.
For their sake, we wanted to look ahead with the next edition of the OFFSEASON BLUEPRINT series. In each, we'll preview some big decisions and make some recommendations for plans of attack along the way. Today, we're looking at the Oklahoma City Thunder.
step one: back it up but don't blow it up
By all accounts, the Oklahoma City Thunder blew it up. They traded Russell Westbrook, they traded Paul George. BOOM goes the dynamite. The ember and ashes scattered all over the wreckage, signaling the end of an era of playoff contention.
However, the team didn't get the memo. Chris Paul and company emerged from the flames, walking tall and proud and unscathed. Their 44-28 record was actually better than the prior season (with Westbrook and MVP candidate George). While they didn't win in the playoffs, they gave the Houston Rockets all they could handle in a tough seven-game series.
If the Thunder wanted to run it back, they could be a good team again. But to what end...? Another R1 loss? It's hard to envision them being the favorite in a first-round series out West, which should be as strong as ever.
To be clear, making the playoffs and losing in R1 isn't an awful fate. If you're a small market team like OKC, it's a reasonable goal and a lifeline for your franchise. Maybe Sam Presti and the team want to keep chugging along as long as possible and use their new draft picks to supplement the team.
Moreover, blowing it up (for real this time) isn't going to be terribly easy. Chris Paul still has a massive contract ($41M + $44M player option.) Steven Adams is still on the books for another year at $27.5M. Dennis Schroeder is on the books for $15.5M. If your goal is to bottom out, it could be hard to scramble and find appropriate trades for them all.
Still, taking a step back feels like the most reasonable plan. Chris Paul has rehabbed his reputation and trade value and may actually be on the positive side of the asset ledger now. If you trade him, you also allow more of an opportunity for Shai Gilgeous-Alexander to slide back to a PG-SG role. According to basketball-reference, SGA only played 6% of his minutes at PG this year. He's capable of playing "up" as a SG or SF, but you'd be taking away the size advantage that represents one of his better virtues as a guard. If OKC is going to be a good team in 2022 and 2023 and beyond, Gilgeous-Alexander will likely be playing a lead guard role.
Even though CP3 looked good this year, it's never easy to trade someone with a $40M contract. The trade partners may be limited. Allegedly, the New York Knicks are considering it (for whatever reason.) Philadelphia and Milwaukee would make more sense as "win now" teams. Who knows -- maybe a team like Miami or Orlando decides they need Paul to help push them to another level. In any circumstance, I'd expect the trade return to be modest. You may get a mid to late R1 pick -- you may get nothing at all. But the decision to trade CP3 or not should have more to do with finding a direction for the franchise than haggling for prices.
step two: embrace the youth movement and prep for the long haul
If the plan is to take a step back (which Sam Presti has not signed off on yet, by the by), then the trickle down effect could be felt across the roster.
If the team isn't pushing strong for the playoffs next year, then re-signing FA Danilo Gallinari doesn't make much sense. He's played well enough over the last two years to justify close to $20M a season in a short-term deal. The Thunder can utilize that to potentially swing a "sign and trade" for him. Teams like Portland would love to have a sweet-shooting forward like that on their team. Presumably, OKC can get an additional R1 pick if they trade Gallo and take on a bad contract in return.
Losing Gallo would also open the door for more minutes for current-rookie Darius Bazley. On paper, Bazley struggled as much as you could expect from an inexperienced 19 year old (who just turned 20 in June.) Still, the "eye test" suggests an athletic kid with good stretch potential. If the Thunder push their timeline back, then developing Bazley will become more of a priority for them.
As long as we're taking a step back (call it peeling off layers as opposed to a total teardown), then the Thunder can float offers for Dennis Schroder and Steven Adams as well. However, trading them isn't mandatory. They're both 27 years old, which is a stark difference from Chris Paul (35) and Gallinari (32).
Even if we lose some veterans, we can see the outline of a team that makes sense here. You'd have Shai Gilgeous-Alexander as a focal point combo guard. You'd have People's Champ Lu Dort as your go-to defender. You'd have Darius Bazley working his way into a potential starting role down the road. Still, this feels more like a supporting cast than a perpetual playoff team. OKC may be one signature star away from completing this next phase.
It'll be hard for Oklahoma City to draw in that future franchise player in free agency, and it'll be hard for them to do with their draft pick this year ( # 25). Fortunately, they're going to have a lot of swings at the plate in the years to come. They own their own picks after this year, as well as a boatload of future R1 picks via the Westbrook and George trades.
Overall, this is a team that needs to be thinking with a long-term approach. Even if they want to roll it back and try to make the playoffs this next season, they'll need to start the next era eventually.
step three: get back out on the dating market and get re-married
The uncertainty about the future (and perhaps the inevitability of the rebuild) helped spur coach Billy Donovan to travel elsewhere. In his place, the team will need to find a coach who has the patience and skill set for a long-term plan.
We haven't heard much about the Oklahoma City coaching search, which makes sense since they are not likely to spend a ton to find a big name. In fact, I wouldn't be shocked if they default to someone like current assistant Mo Cheeks as a cheap placeholder. If the team decides to keep the core together, an experienced coach like that makes some sense.
More likely, they're try to find a younger coach who can take the reins for the foreseeable future. There are a ton of quality prospects in that ilk. Among them: Ime Udoka (PHI), Stephen Silas (DAL), Wes Unseld Jr. (DEN), Nate Tibbetts (POR), Jay Larranaga (BOS), Chris Fleming (CHI), Darvin Ham (MIL), Nate Bjorkgren (TOR), Becky Hammon (SA), and Alex Jensen (UTA). Bigger names like Kenny Atkinson and Dave Joerger make some sense as well, although they'd be more expensive given their prior experience.
Given the supply and demand, the Thunder can take their time and be thorough in their search. They need to find someone who can be in lockstep with Presti going forward. In a sense, Presti is going to have to go on a bunch of speed dates and propose to someone at the end of the night. They want this marriage to last for the next 5+ years or more.
Without the benefit of being in the room for those interviews (or having any basketball experience at all), it seems like Ime Udoka would be at the top of the list. While he doesn't have head coaching experience yet, he's been knocking on that door for some time. He's built up a good resume, with experience as a player, as an assistant in San Antonio, and as an assistant for Team USA. He checks the box for a developmental coach, but also would have some credibility as a former player to connect with veterans like Chris Paul (if he stays put.)
step four: prepare for the future with more modern basketball as well
With Chris Paul taking the lead role, the Oklahoma City Thunder were a good team. They were also an old-fashioned team by the standards of their offensive shot distribution. They finished 27th (out of 30) in three-point attempts. It made sense for this team to take advantage of their midrange game when they had CP3 in tow, but that needs to change if they play without him in the future. Not hitting threes puts you at a natural disadvantage. It's no surprise that -- as talented as the team was -- they only finished 16th in offensive rating this year. They arguably outplayed Houston in the playoffs as well, but 3s are going to beat 2s in a larger sample.
Increasing your 3PA isn't going to be easy if the team loses Danilo Gallinari in free agency (or sign-and-trade). They don't have great shooters lined up waiting in the wings either.
Practically, there are a few steps that OKC can take to increase their three-point shooting. For one, they need to limit the amount of defensive stoppers they have in the rotation. Free agent Andre Roberson still has a lot of defensive potential, but he's never going to be a great offensive player. Now that you have Lu Dort locked up under a team-friendly contract, it doesn't make a world of sense to double dip with another defense-only player. If Roberson wants to re-sign for a very cheap deal, that's great. But realistically, his days with the Thunder may be over.
Similarly, SG Terrance Ferguson needs to step up his offense in order to merit extended minutes. He's a solid defender, but he's a 3+D player who hasn't been hitting threes reliably. Last season, he sagged to 29% beyond the arc. Ferguson is still a young player (age 22), but next season will be his 4th in the NBA. Unless we see signs that he's going to get notably better, then he may need to have a reduced role. Effectively, OKC needs to pit Ferguson and Dort against each other to see who justifies minutes. Playing both (and/or Andre Roberson) is going to make their offense tougher sledding.
Free agent center Nerlens Noel is a trickier proposition. On face value, he's another player with limited offense that won't help boost the team on that end. Still, the fleet-footed Noel has always been undervalued by the NBA, so the Thunder should keep him as long as he's at his typical bargain prices.
All in all, the Thunder will need to add more shooting and more offensive talent eventually. As nice of a story as their 2019-20 season turned out to be, it was more of a bridge to the future than a permanent fixture.
previous offseason blueprints
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2020.10.04 00:30 FlyingDutchissimo Ronaldo’s backstory

Ronaldo Almada was born to Martim and Antonia Almada in Sacramento, California, U.S.A. Ronaldo’s father originated in Evora, Portugal and his mother from Plovdiv, Bulgaria. This meant Ronaldo was brought up with three languages in the household. This greatly enhanced his communication and learning ability from a young age. Ronaldo excelled in early development, learning to read in all three languages he spoke by age 2. His school life would be no different. He was the only person in his school’s history to ever get full marks on every test he did. Praise was everywhere he went. “Brilliant!” “Gifted!” “Talented!” These were just some of the words used to describe him.
By age 7 Ronaldo had already learned how to count up to 1000 and could tell you the difference between a planet and moon. His intelligence continued to grow as he began to learn more about the world around him. By age 9, Ronaldo was able to name over 200 animals and plants. Both his popularity and intelligence continued to skyrocket as his school years progressed. Ronaldo was credited as a kind soul by teachers and pupils alike. He was like an angel to his peers. The younger ones admired him, looked up to him, worshipped him. He led a good example to all. Ronaldo had a sizable friend group, who were closely knit with him. He also had a girlfriend who would never leave his side, not once, not even to see friends of hers. They quite literally were inseparable.
The day came when Ronaldo would graduate high school. He was celebrated as a school hero. A chorus of cheers rose for him, praises were sung, support was shown. Although he had lost his girlfriend to a murder, Ronaldo was in good spirits. Ronaldo now had to find work. Ronaldo decided, rather than to find work, to create his own. He would begin a business on the beachfront in LA. Ronaldo trained further in business and would start it along with his close school friend Kenny Casanova. Their business would have a good start, sales were rising and the pair were getting a good profit. Ronaldo was confident they would see further success.
"I'm going to be rich!" Ronaldo said. "I'll make millions! I can do whatever I want!"
Ronaldo, at this point, had gained a new ability: charm. He was incredibly charming, his looks like that of a god. His hair was short, smartly styled and a dark shade of brown. His eyes a deep, enchanting ocean blue. His facial features defined, chiselled. A clean-shaven face. His skin was soft and smooth. He had a body to fit his face too. He was slim, had abs with the perfect level of definition. Just the right amount of muscle. He was the perfect man. He was irresistible.
Kenny was beginning to notice irregularities in Ronaldo’s behaviour as their business grew. He noticed Ronaldo seemed to have a very high opinion of himself and his business. Kenny dismissed the irregularities though, seeing it as a product of the pride of starting a successful business. As for Ronaldo, his life went from strength to strength. He bought a new 6 bedroom house set on the beachfront, his business partner Kenny moving in next door. He also bought a new car, a convertible. He would drive around the neighbourhood in the convertible shirtless, catching the rays and girls trailing his car trying to win his attention. Ronaldo would also find a new girlfriend to live with him. However, she was not what he truly wanted out of a woman. He wanted someone who could help him achieve his goals. Someone who would join him on his adventures, help him with his business and help him achieve his dreams. His new girlfriend didn’t do that for him. He almost immediately began searching for a woman. His extremely good looks and charm meant he could win over anyone he wanted. He thought he had found that woman in the form of the heiress of the Diagonal fortune, Diana Diagonal. There were many benefits for Ronaldo if he managed to snag her. Ronaldo would become even richer than he already was should Diana share some of her fortunes. Besides, his business would explode if one of the most famed figures in the U.S endorsed it. It made sense. It made perfect sense.
However, there was another problem. Ronaldo had been having nightmares about his dead girlfriend from school. The girl he loved so much. She was gone forever and yet he couldn't bring herself to let go of her. He figured the only way to move on was to find someone new, to find someone better.
Ronaldo had enough money at this point to pay for an hour with Diana. This was all he needed. His charm surely could win her over. He signed up and travelled to Malibu to see her. Ronaldo made 100% sure everything was perfect, then knocked on the heavy door. It creaked open a crack before a voice from behind cried
“Who is it!?”
“The man of your dreams!” Ronaldo replied.
“Who the f*** do you think you are?!” Diana screeched as the door now flung open with force. But upon seeing the stunning figure standing in front of her, her expression transformed from pure anger to pure infatuation. Diana had never seen a man so attractive in her life. Diana gave him a warm welcome as he stepped into the luxurious mansion. "Come in, come in! You're exactly on time. 10 minutes early! Oh my, I hope you know what you're doing here," she giggled as she led him into a luxurious lounge.
“Please tell me I’ll see you again!” Diana shouted through the hall as Ronaldo was leaving.
“Soon” Ronaldo replied. It would indeed be soon, as the pair would begin seeing each other over the next few weeks. Diana would even endorse Ronaldo’s business, tripling sales. The pair would end up marrying a year after their first meeting. It would be a happy marriage at first, but Diana’s intensity was hard for Ronaldo to handle, so he would end up leaving her, much to the devastation of Diana. He had already benefited from it and had no more to gain so it was not practical for him to stay. The hunt for a new woman began. He looked high and low across Los Angeles and beyond trying to find a new woman, but no-one satisfied his criteria. That was until his business partner Kenny married the most gorgeous woman he had ever seen. Ronaldo began to grow jealous of Kenny. Night after night he would rock in his bed, assuring himself the marriage would fall apart, that it wouldn’t last. But the two were happy together. Kenny’s wife wasn’t just a pretty face, she was very kind, very gentle, very loyal. He knew he had the charm to attract any woman, but could he use it to draw a woman away from a marriage? He decided to find out and made it his mission to get the beautiful, kind loyal woman away from her husband. His business partner. His friend.
One day, on Ronaldo’s day off, he stood upon the balcony in shorts and began exercising, knowing Kenny’s wife would be out mowing the lawn that day. Kenny’s eyes wandered up to the balcony and saw him. This would create a conflict in her. Her heart fluttered seeing the god-like figure demonstrating his strength, but knew she had a loving husband who treated her well. Ronaldo noticed her gaze and waved down at her. He knew the foundations had now been laid, and he could move further with the plan. The day after, Ronaldo was mowing his lawn when he heard a soft voice call:
He turned to find the most gorgeous creature he had seen in a long time. She was stunning. Her tan skin glistened in the sun, her body firm with just the right curves.
“How’s your day been today Mrs Casanova?”
“Very well Ronaldo”
At this point, he could sense the conflict within her. He could sense he was provoking moral questions. Just what he wanted.
“It’s my birthday soon. Hoping Kenny has something amazing planned.”
“Oh, I’m sure he will” Ronaldo replied slyly.
This was the opening he needed. If he could out-do Kenny’s gift, he might win the heart of his wife. All he had to do was find out what Kenny would be gifting. His opportunity came the next day when he was back in work.
“How are things with your wife?” Ronaldo enquired.
“Fantastic! It’s her birthday soon. I want to make it special, so I’ll be taking her to the Flying Dutchman restaurant in Santa Monica. Supposed to be amazing there, the owner Juan Ting is super nice too!”
“Sounds incredible” Ronaldo replied, a smirk on his face. Ronaldo was very familiar with the Flying Dutchman restaurant, having eaten there in the past. Ronaldo knee how to top it. He would buy Kenny’s wife a new car. A 2014 Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4. He would gift the new car while Kenny was out making arrangements for the dinner.
“My god Ronaldo you didn’t have to do this for me!” Kenny’s wife said in shock.
“Anything for such a nice lady” Ronaldo replied smiling.
“If only Kenny was here to see this!”
“Yes if only.” Ronaldo was disappointed. He had not succeeded in swaying her with the car. Ronaldo had a plan b however. Ronaldo knew Kenny’s wife had an interest in history and space. So, after much careful searching, Ronaldo bought command module foil specimens of Apollo 11 and Apollo 13 to gift to her the week after. Kenny’s wife was amazed.
“You’re so generous, Ronny”
“Special gift for a special person”
Kenny himself did not catch on to Ronaldo’s plan, as he trusted him with all of his heart. Ronaldo knew this and took full advantage of it.
Ronaldo continued to give Kenny’s wife gifts over the coming weeks. "Kenny's so bloody lucky to have you, you know" he would often say to her.
A cold November night would see Ronaldo help Kenny’s wife move a Christmas tree into her house. Ronaldo would present her with a box of high-end decorations as another gesture. Kenny’s wife turned to Ronaldo:
“I don’t think I’ve met such a kind man as you Ronny”
“I don’t think I’ve met such a kind woman as you either”
Kenny’s wife moved closer to Ronaldo, Ronaldo reciprocating.
“You're very sweet to do this for me," she said.
Kenny’s wife leaned in, Ronaldo again doing the same. Their lips met. The pair carried on kissing for a while, before they broke apart, and looking each other in the eyes.
"I love you," they both said at the same time.
Ronaldo, making a bold move, led her by the hand to his house next door, Kenny’s wife giggling as she trailed behind. Ronaldo went inside. Kenny’s wife followed, locking the door behind her...
The pair continued to see each other on Ronaldo’s days off. This would continue until July 29th. On that day, the pair were in Ronaldo’s place as usual. Things seemed to be going smoothly, until the most horrifying sound echoed through the halls. Footsteps. Heavy boots crashed onto the wooden floor, until stopping right next to them. A scream of horror was let out by the intruder. It was Kenny. Kenny had discovered the affair.
“KARATE-CHOP! COME AT ME YOU DOG!” Kenny yelled as he struck Ronaldo with great force
"Who’s a d-d-d-dog?”
“Both of you! Dogs! Dogs! Dogs!” Kenny screamed as he continued to beat Ronaldo to a pulp. Ronaldo would eventually escape the beating, fleeing to his convertible with Kenny’s wife. The car sped off down the road, leaving a broken-hearted man behind. Ronaldo had succeeded. He had the woman he wanted. This would come at a great cost though. Ronaldo now began to have nightmares about his dead school girlfriend. He would be awake at all hours of the night, muttering to himself
“Why did I? Why did I?” WHY?”
Ronaldo had also lost his business to Kenny due to the scandal. Ronaldo wouldn’t completely lose though. He opened a new business, which would quickly take off as the last did. This made Ronaldo rich, enabling him to buy an even more luxurious house than before. Ronaldo would still have the convertible, and continued to flaunt his good looks driving around LA, only this time also making the men jealous with his wife. This brings Ronaldo to today. Ronaldo continues to live a luxurious life as his former business partner Kenny struggles to make ends meet. He dearly adores his wife, who never leaves his side when out in the city. Only one question remains. Will karma catch up to the irresistible force?
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2020.10.03 16:19 mountaincrossing Question about an enclosed porch in a house we are buying

My partner and I have bid on a house in a small California suburb that needs some work (roof replacement being the big one) but otherwise fits our needs. Two owners back, someone enclosed an existing porch to make it a lovely sunroom with skylights etc. This seems to not be permitted and was never added to the total square footage of the house, and so we are buying a house that on paper has 300 square feet less than it actually does. Our realtor says it is typical in this area (near Sacramento) to have enclosed porches without permits, and is acting like it's not a big deal. I have 3 questions: 1. It seems like there are ways to get it permitted now (there are services that help with that). If we get it permitted, is there a chance we'll be on the hook for back taxes from prior owners? 2. Should I tell my home owners insurance about this un-permitted enclosed porch? 3. Could having an un-permitted enclosed porch impact our ability to get permits to do other work on the house? We want to move an internal wall and we'll need to replace the roof.
Any suggestions and thoughts appreciated! This isn't a situation I've bumped into before. My instinct is to do what we can to get things permitted and be very up front about the situation to everyone, but I want to check in on whether that's the right thing to do here.
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2020.10.01 23:59 finnagains Ann Coulter: After 100 Nights of 'Black Lives Matter' Street Protests, Window Smashing, Burning, and Looting Chris Wallace Wants Answers - About White Supremacy? - 1 Oct 2020

After four months of looting, arson, window breaking, vandalism, intimidation, physical assaults, stabbings, and shootings by Black Lives Matter and antifa, the first thing on the media’s mind is … getting Trump to condemn “white supremacists”!
It would be as if, on the morning after Pearl Harbor, the League of Nations demanded that FDR condemn American aggression in the Pacific.
Why on earth was Trump being badgered by both debate moderator Chris Wallace and Democratic nominee Joe Biden to denounce “white supremacy”? And why wasn’t Biden ever asked to condemn the nonstop violence by antifa that actually has been consuming the country for more than 100 nights now?
Wallace to Trump: “Are you willing tonight to condemn white supremacists and militia groups?”
Trump (perfectly accurately): “Sure. I’m willing to do that. But I would say almost everything I’m seeing is coming from the left wing, not the right wing.”
The media’s position on the murderous BLM and antifa riots has gone from What riots? They’re peaceful protests! to The rioters are white supremacist Trump supporters!
Who thinks white supremacists are a major force in America? There haven’t been any two people in 50 years who’ve gotten together and said, “Aren’t whites way better? Shouldn’t we rule over other people?”
“White supremacy” is a bogus concept invented on college campuses. There are white men who do horrible things, just as there are Asian men and black men who do horrible things. But they don’t represent any kind of organized movement.
You know what’s an organized movement? Antifa — Rose City Antifa, Antifa Seven Hills, Antifa Sacramento, Atlanta “Antifascists” and so on. They’re organized well enough that hundreds, sometimes thousands, of antifa members always know exactly when and where to show up, and what weapons to bring. Then they turn around and celebrate the destruction they’ve wrought (unpunished by Democratic mayors and liberal district attorneys).
But in Chris Wallace’s demon-haunted imagination, out beyond the coastal cities, there’s a scary world of pickup trucks being driven by men with long-barreled guns trying to re-enact “Roots.”
When Trump tried to bring up Pearl Harbor — i.e., the actual violence, as opposed to liberal imaginary violence — Wallace cited Kenosha.
REMINDER: After two nights of looting and arson by “peaceful protesters” in Kenosha in response to the police shooting of a knife-wielding black man resisting arrest, a group of men calling themselves “Armed Citizens to Protect Our Lives and Property” did just that. One of the men, Kyle Rittenhouse, shot three “peaceful protesters” as they were attacking him, killing two, in what appears to be a case of self-defense.
That’s Wallace’s big example of right-wing violence: an armed citizen defending himself. The left wants antifa to rule our cities, with no pushback from uppity Americans.
Trump’s more addled debate partner, Joe Biden, threw in the Proud Boys — without correction by Wallace, whose entire career at Fox has been an audition tape for NBC.
Burning down police precincts, knocking statues off their pedestals, smashing windows, looting and vandalizing stores, stopping cars and demanding the drivers pledge allegiance to BLM, banging drums outside of politicians houses late into the night — was it the Proud Boys doing any of that?
Why are we talking about the Proud Boys at all? How about asking the Sierra Club to renounce violence?
Forget about the last 100 days of mind-boggling left-wing violence, let’s open it up to all of history! What is the Proud Boys’ big crime? Is there a single instance of the Proud Boy staging an unprovoked attack on anyone — ever?
The absolute worst thing you could say about the Proud Boys is: Too macho! They fight back. Fine, join the Democratic Party if testosterone isn’t your thing.
The nation’s leading anti-American and anti-Christian hate group, the Southern Poverty Law Center, calls them “white supremacists,” meaning, “anyone we don’t like and can’t refute.” You know who else this hate outfit hates? Dennis Prager. The Alliance for Catholic Tradition. Christian Ministries. The National Prayer Network.
The claim is especially delusional in the case of the Proud Boys, who have black members, Asian members, and Latino members. The Los Angeles branch of the Proud Boys is about half Mexican. One of the founders is married to a black woman, with whom he has a biracial child.
The entire point of the Proud Boys is for men to be masculine and defend the innocent, something like the Guardian Angels. It has nothing whatsoever to do with “white supremacy.” But, again, liberals call anyone they don’t like and can’t refute “white supremacists.”
You know why the media and Democrats hate the Proud Boys? Because they are America’s last line of defense against the left’s fascistic antifa storm troopers. Often, they are the only ones protecting us when the police are outnumbered or have been ordered to stand down by Democratic mayors and police chiefs.
I believe that’s what Trump was trying to convey with his typically garbled: “Proud Boys, stand back and stand by, but I’ll tell you what … somebody’s got to do something about antifa and the left because this is not a right-wing problem.” (If I’m wrong, then two men with Secret Service protection are throwing the rest of us to the wolves and I’m sitting this election out.)
The Proud Boys should sue Biden and Wallace for defamation.
The universities and media have successfully turned “white supremacist” into the worst thing any human can be — worse than “murderer,” “drug dealer,” or “child molester.” To falsely accuse an organization of being “white supremacist” ought to be considered defamation per se. If you want to destroy something, is there a better way to do it than labeling it “white supremacist”?
In Portland, there have been mind-bogglingly destructive antifa riots every night for more than 100 days now. Last weekend, the Proud Boys staged a rally in Portland — and the lunatic governor of Oregon finally declared a “state of emergency.” (It was a lovely gathering with no arson or looting.)
This is the position of the media and the Democratic Party: Antifa must be allowed to run riot without interference from anyone. We’ve liberated antifa from district attorneys and mayors and now we’ll liberate them from individual Americans. Therefore, anyone who defends the innocent from psychotic left-wing violence will be cursed as a “white supremacist.”
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